By Tione Andsen

Lilongwe, October 27, Mana: World Vision Malawi (WVM) feels the country’s education sector need to be reformed in order to be in conformity to the country education trends.

WVM Country Director to Malawi, Hazel Nyathi made the remarks Friday in Lilongwe during a press briefing at the end of Early Childhood development (ECD) week.

She said the current education policies, institutional and programmes need to be revisited in order to be in line with the current education demands.

Nyathi said the education sector is doing a lot but there is more to do more in order to counter the challenges being faced in the sector.

“Political will remains the most critical issue at reforming the education sector. Resources allocation and budgeting for the sector need to be given adequate priority if the country is to improve the sector,” she added.

The Country Director Saudi the currently education system is failing to absorb number of children attending school which is forcing them to drop out on the way.

Nyathi said ECD services have helped to increased enrollment rate going to primary education but the system fails to attain them through second and tertiary level.

She said a three tier system of education could help to ensure that not child is left out within the education system of the country.

“The three tier education system once implemented it will all for increased training of teachers, provision of additional school structures and creating of primary and schools addition to having more collages to accommodate the numbers,” Nyathi explained.

The Country Director hailed Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare for the effort to ensuring the communities are part and parcel of running the ECD centres in the country.

She said the new policy that has been launched would trigger more children to access the ECD services with modern learning structures which need to be maintaining up to secondary level.

Nyathi said the country need to develop an inclusive education system that that would be able accommodates everybody in order to end poverty among communities.

“Where  we have nee working we have noted that the pass rates have increase up 80 per cent but only few are able to be selected to government secondary school leaving a considerable number out with nowhere to go with their education,” she added.

Secretary for ECD Collation, Fidelis Chasukwa explained that the provision of quality learning structures to ECD centres is fundamental to the development of any child.

He said the current structures of most ECD centres leaving much to be desired and there need for government, Non- governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations to join hands to improve the status call.

Chasukwa noted that capacity building initiatives for the caregivers need to be given priority in order to raise the current standards.

“We will not development the country further if the ECD issues are not viewed as part of the development process of the nation and education sector,” he observed.

WVM has been supporting vulnerable children and communities in the country for than 36 years.

The Organization continues to carry out relief, advocacy and development activities.

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