Africanmusic has organized a first volume cypher

By Donata Mpochela

MZUZU-(Maravi Post)–Africanmusic has organized a first volume cypher which has collaborated with four countries aimed at promoting African artists in different countries to showcase their skills to African music industry.

The first Volume cypher has collaborated with four countries such as Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Nigeria which has been hosted by Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) for Africanmusic and will be produced by Mastermind in Zambia.

Confirming the development to Maravi Post, Africanmusic C.E.O, Morgan Mwanza who is a Zambia music promoter, the number one blogger in Zambia said the cypher is aimed at promoting African artists to showcase their skills.

“I want big artist and some upcoming artists to see the impact of upcoming artists as they need a little push up so that we can make some change in African music industry,” Morgan explained.

He said it is a first volume that will also be a continuation.

“This is volume one cypher, all I want to see is if people are interested and how they will respond to this first cypher that is when will go to volume 2,” Morgan said.

Morgan confirmed that the cypher is free that is doing it in order to help artists.

Precisely, the cypher is already in the studio as some artists have already recorded their verses.

Among the outstanding African artists are Jasman, Earth Boss, Jonny B, Chaiser, Swag Guy Tenaclous, Cheo Meek Panda, Mastermind, Zidele Ericsson and Ill Best.

Mwanza disclosed if their some artists who are interested to take part in the cypher they can follow their facebook page which is africanmusic.

However, Africanmusic is trying to contact with some DJ’s across Africa so that the day of releasing the cypher can be played in Zambia, Malawi, South Africa and Nigeria.

Morgan encouraged all African musicians and upcoming artists to feel free to be who they are; let their voice out for the world to hear their talents in order to impress themselves as well as their parents and also to let music ready.

He said: “Always remember to close your ears and open your eyes, there might be a lot of people who want to bring you down but never give up.

In a separate interview with, Malawian Artist, Ill Best said he sees the project very helpful to his music career.

“I see this project to be very helpful to my music career whereby I will expose myself to a wide base all over Africa,” Ill best said.

Ray H Bigbeats Entertainment Producer, Mastermind however said is a bit surprising to learn more of people’s talents.

“Its a bit surprising to knowledge and to something we thought of bringing to Africa together and learn of our talents.

“I’m a bit excited because the work is not yet done,” Mastermind said.

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