mwenefumbo and chihana

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets, continue hunting for opportunities to clash with AFORD as one of its strategy to frustrate the Party’s supporters.

The latest incident happened on Saturday evening at Kiwe ground in Karonga, where the DPP cadets allegedly invaded an AFORD rally; they carried DPP flags and weapons in the disruption campaign.

The rally was organized by AFORD President Enoch Chihana, and Frank Mwenifumbo, who is Member of Parliament for Karonga central.
According to eye witnesses, the police watched and did not protect the AFORD supporters from the attacking mob.

Some observors alleged that the police were under instructions not to act, which is contrary to their duties.

However, AFORD security took the situation into their own hands, and restored peace after overpowering the cadets.

“We don’t know why the DPP supporters are always on our necks, especially in our political rallies,” said Mwenifumbo who called for clean politics.

DPP senior officials denied to issue a comment on the matter.

It is reported that over 18 DPP cadets were injured in the fracas, and some sustained serious injuries and recieving treatment at a nearby hospital.


AFORD has grown fast in the north since Mwenifumbo joined the party, a development which, some analysts, has angered the ruling DPP.

Mwenifumbo is considered a Political heavy weight in the Northern Region, and his defection to AFORD has greatly unsettled the ruling party, the analysts claim.

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