Lazarus Chakwera
Lazarus Chakwera Leading a splintered MCP Party

Embattled Leader of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lazarous Chakwera is accusing President Peter Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of using state resources and tax proceeds to fund election campaigns in the upcoming November 1 Parliamentary and Local Government Election   by-elections.

According to the Reverend and Embattled leader of the MCP, DPP is using government resources in to distribute rice by using government vehicles. An Accusation on its face which does not make sense.

Pointing out that Malawi had yet to regulate political party financing or even request parties to publicly explain where their funding came from, Foreign Funded Lazarus Chakwera said ruling DPP therefore inevitably enjoyed unfair advantages over election competitors.

“DPP is distributing various campaign materials using State resources. The question that you should ask is; where were they all this time, expose them by not voting for them,” said Lazarus Chakwera   in Mchinji.

He accused Malawi President Mutharika of leading a “dirty campaign” in attempting to win by-elections.

Chakwera said DPP HAS indulging in “fear mongering, vote buying and lying.”

He contended that DPP has been “unfairly spending state resources in order to win their votes, which is wrong.”

Lazarus Chakwera accused the DPP of using ADMARC by opening maize selling points in all five areas where bye elections are taking place while parastatal vehicles were also seen ferrying members of the ruling DPP to Mchinji on Thursday where Malawi President Peter Mutharika addressed a campaign rally. Lazarus Chakwera said this was not in the spirit of public reform programme headed by Veep Chilima.

Chatinkha and Callista
Chatinkha chidzanja Nkhoma and Callista Mutharika

The MCP and its leader have thrown everything at the DPP to distract from infighting and the unpopularity of leader Chakwera within the party. Last week another party leader accused the DPP of engaging in plots to destroy the MCP.

“We have enough information on the project which is aiming at destroying MCP, other political parties know that Chakwera will win the 2019 general elections hence the installation of the project,” said Dzonzi.

“Don’t you wonder where the party’s disgruntled group source millions of kwachas for organizing press conferences or the court expenses?” he asked.

According to Dzonzi, a normal woman cannot say bad things concerning her husband through the window of his male neighbor bedroom despite having some internal wrangles saying in the house arguing such a scenario signifies one and one thing only that your wife now belongs to the neighbor.

“Have you ever seen Lazarus Chakwera or any MCP member speak at MBC radio and TV for more than 20 minutes? It’s only these disgruntled members that are allowed to do so.

If they are indeed MCP members, we don’t expect them to go to MBC radio or TV which is champions the ruling Democratic Progressive Party propaganda,” he argued.

Despite failing to name the project’s funder and the group carrying it, Maravi Post understand that Dzonzi was referring to DPP as the funder and a group led by Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma as the ones implementing the project.

Meanwhile, Dzonzi said his party is going stronger everyday despite the project.

He said MCP is the only hope for Malawians to deal with the country’s hunger and economic crisis saying “DPP has failed.”