MINNEAPOLIS-(MaraviPost)- This a body cam footage transcripts indicate new facts about fatal evening of George Floyd’s demise.

In a meeting with BCA investigators, former Minneapolis cop Thomas Lane pictured below interpreted reaching the scene at Cup Foods where the events of George Floyds death took place.’We got there and entered the building.

Entered Cup Foods, the business,’ announced Thomas Lane , during the consultation.‘There was a staff member there that explained, ‘They’re still here.’ He was holding the bill, and he goes, ‘They gave me this. It’s fake $20.’ He pointed across the street, and they’re like, ‘He’s in the car over there. Go get him before he drives off.’

He started walking out, and I was like, ‘Just head back in. We’ll take care of it.’ Me and Keung walked across the street. There was a vehicle could see was occupied.’Thomas Lane illustrates reaching the car and saw the people inside moving around.

He said when he approached the driver, later identified as George Floyd, he didn’t see both hands. According to Thomas Lane , he asked George Floyd to put both hands up. Thomas Lane drew his gun.’The concern was either that he was trying to stash something or he possibly had a gun,’ explained Thomas Lane when interviewed by detectives.

According to transcripts of both Thomas Lane and Alexander Keung’s (pictured below) body cameras, George Floyd inquired the cops ‘What did I do.‘ Lane and Keung frequently told George Floyd to put his hands up.At one point when Thomas Lane asked George Floyd to put his hands on the steering wheel again, George Floyd answered back ‘Yes, sir. I’m sorry sir.’

The two other people in the vehicle cooperated with the cops.As the discarded cops asked George Floyd to get out of the car, he announced, ‘Please don’t shoot me Mr. Officer, please.’Thomas Lane answered back, ‘I’m not going to shoot you. Step out and face away.’George Floyd later notified cops ‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. God dang man. Man, l got, I got shot the same way Mr. Officer, before.’

According to the transcripts, Thomas Lane and Keung seized George Floyd pictured below into supervision.George Floyd announced, ‘I didn’t do nothing. I’m not going to do nothing.’ Keung said, ‘Put your hands behind your back then.’

As they put handcuffs on George Floyd, he announced ‘I didn’t do nothing wrong, Man. I’m sorry Mr. Officer. I’ll get on my knees, whatever. Oh man, please.’

Keung reacted, ‘Stop resisting man.’ George Floyd announced, ‘I’m not.’Keung and Thomas Lane took George Floyd’s name and clarified why they were apprehending him.

Keung explained, ‘And do you know why we pulled you out of the car? Because you was not listening to anything we told you.’ George Floyd answered, ‘Right, but I didn’t know what was going on.’

Keung said, ‘You listen to us and we will tell you what’s going on, all right?’ to which George Floyd said, ‘Yes sir.’ Keung countered, ‘When you’re moving around like that, that makes us think way more is going on that we need to know.’

As the two cops attempted to get him to the squad, according to the transcripts, Thomas Lane inquired George Floyd, ‘What are, are you on something right now?’

George Floyd declared, ‘No, nothing.’ Keung answered back, ‘Because you acting real erratic.’George Floyd explained, ‘I’m scared, man.’Keung remarked on the foam around George Floyd’s mouth.When they approach the squad, George Floyd again notified cops he didn’t do anything.Keung said, ‘Stand up, stop falling down.’

Floyd replied, ‘I’m claustrophobic man.’ Keung again warned him to stand up, with George Floyd reiterated that he’s claustrophobic.George Floyd pleads the with the cops not to leave him alone, Thomas Lane guaranteeing to stay with him and open a window like George Floyd petitioned.

According to the transcripts, they battled to get George Floyd into the squad.During his interview with the BCA, Thomas Lane announced, ‘If this was the door, was going to go around and try and pull his arm through the other side of the squad just to get him in there, so we could close the doors and secure him. I walked around to the other side, went to pull him through.

He started really thrashing back and forth, and think he was hitting his face on the glass that goes to the front seat. That was the first time I saw that he was bleeding from the mouth.’

At one point, George Floyd announced, ‘I want to lay on the ground, I’m going to lay on the ground. Oh I’m coming down. I’m going down, I’m going down.’ Keung answered, ‘Get in the squad.’

George Floyd announced again, ‘I’m going down, I’m going down, I’m not going up.’Another individual on scene told him, ‘Man you going to die of a heart attack, just get in the car.’George Floyd announced, ‘I can’t breathe,’ as they told him to get in the car again. ‘l just had COVID, man. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.’Keung instructed him to take a seat.Fired cop Derek Chauvin pictured above was now on scene and announced, ‘Get him down on the ground.’George Floyd proceeded to reiterate that he couldn’t breathe as the cops looked for equipment to hold his legs.

As they proceeded to restrain George Floyd, Derek Chauvin asked if George Floyd was high on something. Thomas Lane answered, ‘I’m assuming so’ as Keung said ‘I believe so, we found a pipe.’

According to the transcripts, spectators attempted to interfere.George Floyd proceeded to argue about his incapacity to breath.’Everything hurts,’ George Floyd announced. ‘I need some water or something. Please.Please. Can’t breathe, officer.’ Derek Chauvin answered, ‘You’re doing lot of talking, lot of yelling.’ George Floyd said, ‘They going to kill me.

They’re going to kill me, man.’ Derek Chauvin reacted, ‘Takes heck of lot of oxygen to say that.’After 60 seconds passed, Thomas Lane inquired, ‘You want him on his side?’Derek Chauvin announced, ‘No, leave him. Staying put where we got him.’ Thomas Lane replied ‘Ok, just worry about the excited delirium, or whatever.’ Derek Chauvin explained,

‘That why we got the ambulance coming.’About two minutes later, Thomas Lane again inquires if they should roll him to his side. He asked Keung if he could find a pulse, Keung said, ‘I can’t find one.’During his consultation with BCA detectives, Thomas Lane said Derek Chauvin was not a supervisor that evening.He advised them, however, that Derek Chauvin has 20 more years of knowledge.

‘Through the whole FTC process, you trust and go to your senior officers for experience and help on calls and what’s the best thing to do in this situation.

They give you direction and kind of you follow their lead,’ said Thomas Lane .When asked whether he felt something wasn’t right, Thomas Lane said, ‘I would say I felt like it maybe could have been handled differently or we should be reassessing what we’re doing, think is what I was kind of coming to.’Thomas Lane said he searched for a pulse again in the ambulance, riding along and assisting to perform CPR.

Thomas Lane completed the field training process the Wednesday before the George Floyd occurrence, according to the transcript. Keung was his partner on the call.

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