Aries: You may find it difficult to maintain the tempo on the academic front. Not grasping a task in the first instance is likely to test the patience of a senior at work, so remain mentally present. You will need to be more responsive to the needs of spouse, if you want peace and harmony to prevail on the home front. 

Taurus: Keep your option open for undertaking a journey, as you may find much fun and excitement. People are likely to compliment you for your prized possession. Falling madly in love with someone you have a crush on cannot be ruled out. Keep the family informed about your whereabouts will help prevent misunderstandings. Those in marketing may face a tough, but fruitful, day.  

Gemini: Kiss and make up is indicated for those daggers drawn with spouse earlier. Being sensitive to the tender feelings of partner will make love grow stronger. Looking up a friend cannot be ruled out. Some changes on the home front will be most welcome. Money loaned by you may not be returned. 

Cancer: Don’t take any chances at work as you may get pulled up. Although you fare satisfactorily on the academic front, some regret may pick on your mind regarding performance. You will get the support you seek on the social front. Seizing an opportunity for going on a trip will be in your interest. 

Leo: You may feel you could have done better on the academic front. Additional manpower may be needed to complete a back-breaking job on the professional front. Those seeking love may get a bit impatient on the romantic front. An old relationship may require nurturing, so do your best. Some relief is in store for the sufferers.  

Virgo: Your efforts to keep your relations cordial with others at work will succeed. Your proficiency in a subject may make you much sought after on the academic front. An enjoyable outing with your near and dear ones is in the offing. You may get pampered by lover today. Fortune smiles on you today. 

Libra: You are likely to save a pretty penny in a major purchase through your bargaining skills. Something that had been troubling you on the health front may abate, but will require a permanent solution. You may not be in mood for work today and while away your time on the professional front. Those in customer service can expect rowdy customers. 

Scorpio: However, this change may not be appreciated by some. Moderate eating and total abstinence from excesses is your key to good health and you will be able to follow it. Overconfidence on the academic front needs curbing, as things may not turn out the way you want them to. 

Sagittarius: Whatever you have been following on the fitness front is certain to keep you healthy and energetic. Planning an overseas or an out of town journey to meet someone close cannot be ruled out for some. Shifting into new premises is destined and may even prove lucky. A good time can be expected on the romantic front today.

Capricorn: A pet project hanging fire for long on the professional front may need the right kind of resources to become successful, so don’t do anything premature. Don’t lose touch with reality in your eagerness to earn more money, as you may lose old clients. Your attempts for social recognition may not immediately succeed. 

Aquarius: Those on the lookout for a suitable accommodation will find one to their liking. Self-promotion may become important for professionals running their own show. You can be a bit strict in curbing wasteful expenditure. A social function may need to be given a miss, due to hectic schedule. 

Pisces: This is an excellent time for getting something done on the home front contemplated for long. A new beginning on the romantic front is likely to be made by some. Proceeding to your favourite destination on a vacation is possible. A property deal is likely to be sealed and make you a proud owner of an apartment or house. 



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