A group of students from the Department of Environmental Sciences and Management at Bunda College of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)have plans to venture into environmental entrepreneurship.

The students formed an organization known as Environmental Innovations Hub (EIH) whose aim is to promote innovations in the environment and energy sector and upscale them into profitable businesses.

The hub has developed cooking briquet prototype that is as efficient as charcoal and produces significant less smoke when cooking.

The briquet was developed from agricultural wastes such as maize stalks and beans remains with funding from the Resilient Africa Network’s Young Spark Innovation Grant.

Environmental Innovations Hub Marketing Strategist, Abel Mkulama indicated that the new briquet was developed through a thorough scientific research which begun in August 2017.

“The research started with a needs finding survey in Chiseka Extension Planning Area which involved energy mapping and identifying raw materials for developing an environmental friendly source of cooking energy.” Emphasized Don Chiumia who is EIH’s project Manager.

During a progress briefing meeting which took place at Kumudzi Center Dr. David Mkwambisi who is also the mentor for EIH commended the students plans because it will create jobs for themselves and other college graduates.

He also urged the start up to partner with other existing organizations in the nation in order to upscale their initiative.

The development emphasizes LUANAR’s values of promoting Knowledge, Innovation and Excellence. At LUANAR, the Grant is being coordinated by Dr. Safalaoh who is also the institution’s Programmes Coordinating Officer.

YSIG Grants are awarded through RAN with support from United States Agency for International Development.

Apart from LUANAR, RAN also supports Makelele University in Uganda and University of Pretoria in South Africa.

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