Michael Usi

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Social commentator, activist and comedian Michael Usi , who is popularly known as ‘Manganya’, on Thursday night addressed the nation through a 40 minute radio speech which tackled on good governance.

Usi who was live on four private radio stations namely Zodiak, Times, Joy and MIJ radios, asked the political leaders in the country to be God fearing and democratic if they are to maintain public trust.

He said Malawi being a democratic country, leaders should accommodate different views even from those deemed political foes.

“Am troubled when presidents are sworn in they use Bible or Quran and yet they govern with violence; using panga knives,” Usi said.

“However, this was something that was set by colonialists for they considered a black man as inept to govern.”

The national address also faulted the opposition parties for failing to accept a defeat almost three years down the line after Malawians gave Peter Mutharika a five-year mandate to rule the country.

He said advised the opposition political parties to stop dreaming of taking over government before Mutharika’s term is over, warning any effort to topple current government would set bad precedence and result in war and disorder.

Bwato sakwelera pakati pa Nyanja (you do not ride in a boat at the middle of the lake. They (opposition) should wait until 2019 if are dreaming to rule this country. It’s improper to demand Mutharika to step down, let him rule. This country is being misled by vocal slugs.”

The opposition made of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and Peoples Party (PP) has been vocal against President Peter Mutharika’s government, opposing every initiative it sets.

He also took a bite on nomadic politicians who keep on jumping from one party to another, calling them very unstable.

“Malawians need stable leadership, not nomadic one. Today the opposition is divided and people are wondering how more divided will they be, if elected. The opposition needs vaccine. Malawians are tired of no-less-than leaders.

“I have nothing against opposition, I have nothing against government. All what I cry for is for the youths and our women in the village. We need to consider the country’s youths.”

However, one of the MCP faithful Gerald Mzaza Nkhata, has criticized the activist for  attributing the lack of farmland to existence of national parks.

Usi said people have limited farmland whereas wild animals live in national parks, apparently asking the government to displace the animals so that people should move into those areas.

Nkhata argued that “The issue of people having limited farmland whereas wild animals live in national parks is a very interesting issue that should not be taken lightly. It would be a very bad idea for the Malawi government to move people into Lengwe National Park and Manjete Game Reserve whereas displacing the animals that are preserved in their natural habitats and protected areas

“The Malawi government needs to implement prudent land management systems and standardised farming methods to improve the agriculture sector in the country than allocating people into the National parks. We can talk of new industries and skill set trainings in different technical disciplines in this current global technological era but not removing animals.”

In previous similar addresses, Usi has been critical of government on its weakness while offering insights to the nation.

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