Atupele Austin Muluzi

By Fryson Chodzi

After soul searching and seeing the betrayal of the youth of Malawi, am forced to address you. You now carry the expectation and moral mandate of the youth of Malawi. The people that were trusted with mandate have proved to just as you had predicted, nothing for the youth of Malawi.

The Tonse club has betrayed the youth of Malawi. They have formed the biggest retirement club in the history of Malawi. In fact they have surpassed First President of Malawi, Kamuzu who even in his oldage trusted young and capable with responsibilities, yet these who claim to be youthful can only source people from the retirement band.

Atupele, you warned us during the campaign about these people, but we were taken up with their narrative. They carried 50kg bags of fertilizer, wore boxing gloves, jogged in the streets to prove their macho and had all of us fooled. They sold Malawi a narrative that it isn’t a family business or kingdom so that people should turn against you.

But their level of hypocrisy stinks. They have employed their families in cabinet and the statehouse is now a family business. Even their mother – in – laws are becoming ambassadors and son – in – laws are speaking on behalf of the family – in – law. Soon we will have a government – in – law. That’s Malawi walero for you.

Atupele, like a prophet, you told and warned us that they don’t have experience to run Government. You said they will spend time dealing with perceived enemies and true to your word they claim they are cleaning the rubble while at the same time hiring rubble and shielding rubble. You told us they don’t mean what they are promising true to your work 1 million jobs are not coming.

Universal Fertilizer Subsidy became and improved version of FISP and coined AIP while fertilizer is now at K30,000 from K18,000 in just a year. They said, ‘afana akungoshala, vep mayazi’ now its ‘Afana akungoshala, vep mayazi, pa ground patelera, ntchito akulemba okalamba okhaokha, ndi life yabwanji imeneyi’ Pa Ground si pali bho.

We are now on slippery ground, the corruption they claimed to fight, the impunity, the tribalism, the politicization of civil service now it’s the order of the day. With charisma and well spoken English they talk about fighting corruption, with cowardice they receive corrupt money to favour fuel suppliers and they share covid 19 money like dzipwidza.

They preach a sermon about ending tribalism, without shame they turn the Government into a tribal government, replacing loathed lomwe’s with Chewa’s. With well thought out English slangs, they fire civil servants on the pretext they were not properly recruited by day, come night time, they hire their own in the very same manner as their predecessors did.

The revolution which was promised has been hijacked by greed. MALEP can’t even award contracts as they are failing to share the spoils of corruption. The same is with the fuel deal. They have already threatened Amwenye and now we are officially running an extortion scheme at an official level. The promised MK70billion for the youth loans is only being disbursed among the tribesmen and party loyalist as if they were only voted by them alone. Furthermore the money is nowhere to be seen.

Last but not least, don’t be distracted by them scorning you for being Muluzi, its sheer jealousy as their sons are now in Government. You are your own person, they know it and that what they fear most. Your track record of performance and free from being tainted from corruption is what send shivers into their spine. They think that threatening to arrest Muluzi senior will keep you from igniting the youth revolution. Yes the real revolution which combines the ‘Agenda for Change, the new beginning and putting the youth in the fore of leadership, resources and national building.

Atupele Austin Muluzi, ung’onoung’ono, ukitiukiti, don’t let the youth of this country down but be their voice of conscience. Achinyamata akufinyika. The youth of Malawi needs you. The people that really really hates corruption needs you. The people that values development needs you. Your country needs you

So please can the real Atupele Muluzi stand up.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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