Kondwani Nankhumwa and Former President Peter Mutharika – PIC taken before squabbles

Shared by Henry Mkumbira Phiri

It is very disheartening to see the whole office of the speaker and MCP leadership meddling into the internal affairs of the DPP.

The speaker, Catherine Gotani Hara nor MCP should not be given the guts to dictate who should be the leader of the opposition. The party leadership of DPP remains in APM hands, who unfortunately is not a legislator, but he constitutionally occupies that office till next party polls.

From the Dissector’s mirror, I am of the view that the ruling Tonse Alliance enjoys seeing Nankhumwa as the leader of opposition who happens to be DPP’s weakest link.

Much as I do not agree with former President Peter Mutharika (APM) clinging onto power after losing the June 23rd fresh presidential polls, Nankhumwa obsession with power, and the sympathy he gets from DPP’s fierce rivals attracts more questions than answers.

Kondwani Nankhumwa was not elected to that position by anyone except for the speaker who temporarily injected him in, awaiting DPP’s final response. Now the response comes in and the deputy speaker is trying to play some games. Gotcha!

The fact that APM is not a legislator should not be a reason for the honorable speakers to stop recognizing him as the leader of DPP. He still holds the mantle of the party till next party convention.

The games being played by the honorable speakers is to see a revolt and divided DPP throughout.

Whether APM’s decisions are venom for DPP or not, is none of Tonse Alliance’s business.


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