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MCP Salima North-West constituency’s tension rages on: Lakeshore RC Chidzanja accused of disrupting area committees

By Maravi Post Reporter   /   Saturday, 13 Oct 2018 04:30PM   /   Comments Off on MCP Salima North-West constituency’s tension rages on: Lakeshore RC Chidzanja accused of disrupting area committees   /   Tags: , ,   /   1523 views
SALIMA-(MaraviPost)-The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lakeshore regional chairperson Augustine Chidzanja is being accused of forming new Salima North-West constituency area committees a head of primaries.
The move comes two weeks after the party suspended the primary elections  to  a later date following existence of illegal delegates who were supposed to vote.
Not only that just last week Chidzanja is said to have spearheaded foiled meeting in which some disgruntled party members from Salima North-West constituency  wanted to meet MCP President Lazurus Chakwera over the suspended primary  elections.

The disgruntled party members traveled from the constituency to MCP Headquarters seeking Chakwera advise.

But MCP President is said to have declined to meet them arguing that director of elections were responsible for any matter that rises on primaries.

The grouping is said to have been sponsored by aspirant Enoch Phale was led to Lilongwe by MCP Salima district chairperson Chimphoyo, Luwanisa Maganga and Haton.

This week however Chidzanja is said to have fired all area committee members in Parliamentarian Jessie Kabwila’s constituency for their continued support of the legislator.
The sources told the Maravi Post that Chidzanja accompanied by Salima District Chairman  a Mr Chimphoyo was on Friday visiting area by area replacing all the existing members with new ones.
His message to them was clear;  “I have decided to make you the new area members with only one reason. To get rid of Kabwila at the primary elections.So anyone who doesn’t want to vote for aspirant Phale has no place in my new committees”.
But Chidzanja disputed the claims in an interview on Saturday arguing that such rumors were fake.
He said the exercise carrying was to verify eligible area committee members needed to take part in the suspended primaries.
“We are indeed carrying verification exercise ahead of primaries that we avoid what happened during the suspended primaries. We want real members. Once we are done with this exercise, a date will be fixed for the primaries”, said Chidzanja.
It is not known if Chidzanja and Chimphoyo have the blessings of the Party’s Executive but their continued arrogance and defiance to the party orders shows there’s more than what meets the eye.


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