Secretary to the President and Cabinet Zangazanga Chinkosi

By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-It’s abundantly becoming crystal clear that the referred “Untouchable Trio” a.k.a the “Three Musketeers” are Zanga Zanga Chikhosi (Secretary to President and Cabinet), Prince Kapondamgaga (Chief of Staff) and Eisenhower Mkaka (Minister of Foreign Affairs).

These three names are the ones which are continuously popping out, and are refusing to disappear.

One wouldn’t be far from the truth if he asserts that President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse administration is rotten from the head.

From his Nation’s address one would easily be tempted to think that Chakwera is serious and wants to clean up the mess.

State House Chief of Staff Prince Kapondangaga

Unfortunately for Chakwera, whatever endevours and strategies he will come up with the rotten head still intact, all his endeavors will yield nothing positive. It will all just be in vain.

Without mincing any words, here if Chakwera is serious about cleaning up the house, the first step is to fire Chikhosi, Kapondamgaga and Mkaka. As hard as it maybe for him to do that, it is the needful for the sake of the country.

After he is done with the head, then he should start with the body, starting with people and companies who were working with these three people.

Already, Martin Mainja has implicated Chikhosi, Kapondamgaga, Khumbize Kandodo and Nick Chakwera in the plunder of the MK97million. After the body he should target the tail – Civil Service and other areas.

Kupha nyani woba chimanga mmunda stiyang’ana nkhope. This is probably the only viable option Chakwera has, otherwise his words will just be just like that:WORDS.

Chakwera’s trusted boy Foreign Minister Mkaka

Chakwera should know that Malawians are angry and he should not undermine the boiling fury Malawians have. Waiting any much longer may one day be too late.

The president is slowly loosing public trust by being mislead by his notorious Malawi Congress Party (MCP) with old ways of silencing critics.

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