Kamlepo Kalua: found at Kwacha roundabout tied with blue ropes

Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kaluwa, shocked Blantyre residents on Sunday morning when he was found at Kwacha roundabout with his legs and hands tied up.

According to some eyewitness, Kamlepo who is also the acting vice President for the former ruling People’s Party (PP), was weak and frail.

When questions.m, the distraught law maker disclosed that he was dropped by unknown people during the night hours.

“We found him tied up with a blue rope on his legs and hands,” said some eyewitness.

However, Kaluwa, who was a little bit smart during the incidence, suspect that the people who dropped him at the roundabout, were the ones that had allegedly, abducted him.

“I don’t know where I was, and how I was found here,” explained Kamlepo.

His daughter, while confirming the development, said her father was thereafter, taken to Soche Police Station.

Kamlepo was reported missing by his family last week.

However, national police spokesperson James Kadadzera, yesterday denied the allegations and insinuations, saying the family did not report the matter to law enforcement, as is the case in missing persons cases.


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