President Peter Mutharika, on Wednesday wad the guest of honor at the presentation of certificates to the first cohort of the Community Technical College graduates at a function that took place at a colourful ceremony held at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.

As usual, the guest list included dignitaries from the diplomatic and development partners community, politicians, civil servants, CBOs and the public.

Below is the President’s statement.






Let me begin by congratulating you all graduating students. Congratulations!

Today, we have proved that our dream is possible. The dream of our community colleges is happening.

This is the dream of many young men and women. We want to create new skills, new jobs because this is the dream of many mothers and fathers. This is our dream!

The graduating students we see today are part of a bigger Malawi Dream. We want to make our economy big. But a robust economy demands a robust and well trained skilled labour force.

We all share the dream to make Malawi prosper. We share the dream to turn the economy around. And the economy is turning around. We share the dream to create jobs. And that is what we have to witness today.

I promised to start an organized way of creating jobs. In 2014, I saw that a lot of young men and women had no employable skills. In order to address the situation, I promised to establish Community Technical Colleges throughout the country.

Today, we have gathered to witness the results of our manifesto promise. We promised. And we have done what we promised.

The purpose of the colleges is to provide employable skills to the youth. By providing employable skills, we have begun the process of creating decent jobs for the Youth and many Malawians.

Community Colleges, and the skills development programme, are important pillars of our vision. The creation of a skilled labour force is a necessary step towards the development of Malawi. No country develops without a skilled labour force.

Community Colleges are one way of investing in the development of the human capital. The human capital is the single most important capital. Human capital is the beginning point of any civilization. Without a well-developed human capital, other natural resources cannot be effectively put to use.

Our economy will grow tremendously if most of the labour force is skilled. Skilled labour force is catalyst for quality products, which we need for export.

Skilled labour force is what will make us a producing and exporting country. And that is our vision – to make Malawi a producing and exporting nation.

I want to thank the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development for implementing the skills development programme successfully. I want to thank TEVETA for playing such an important role in the vision of this country. I also want to thank the private sector such as FDH Bank, MACRA and all stakeholders who support our Community Colleges.

Finally, let me speak to you graduating students. You have done well to complete your training. Be proud of yourselves, and be proud of your country. You will go down in the history of this country as the first generation to graduate from Community Colleges.

The training you have received is not an end itself. It is not what you learn that matters. It is what you do with what you learn that matters. Show this country that you have the capability to make a difference.

Use the skills you have acquired to start small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Use your skills to create a job for yourself, and create jobs for others. If you always wait to be employed, you may end up being employed by Noone.

Think as an employer of others. As Government, we have instituted policies that encourage the Youth like you to create jobs for yourselves and others.

In my State of the Nation Address this year, I promised that we are starting a Jobs for the Youth Project. The Jobs for the Youth Project is there to compliment the idea of community colleges. We are beginning with providing entrepreneurship training, and will follow with provision of start-up capital to support you to venture into businesses. And we begin this year.

In addition, we will give tools to our graduating students, in order for them to hit the ground running. And we begin in the next three months.

As a global Champion for the Youth myself, I want us to empower the youth in this country. That is how we want to take the Youth forward. That is how we want to take Malawi forward.

Remember, I only promise what I do. And I do what I promise. And our progressive agenda to transform Malawi is unstoppable. We are unstoppable!

Thank you!
God bless you! And God bless Malawi!

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