By Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Last time I saw an African being angry to the point of burning a system or political flag was when South Africa was gripped with the evil of apartheid.

Africans were confined and restricted freedom of movement in their own land. Nelson Mandela led the open defiance by burning all “pass books” which Apartheid government was issuing to Africans. Out of anger without fear or favour the global icon burned his “pass book” a thing that inspired many to do likewise.

It is almost half a century ago. Politics has changed from cold war to capitalistic war in which resources are being fought for, but none of the political players as well economic fighters have burned party or political affiliated materials.

The Chatinkha action explains the type of politics Malawi is still blanketed and embroiled in. There is rage in the hearts of citizens than true political mind of the present generation.

What Chatinkha did indicate the true heart of politics that has laid a flexaform mattress in the entire political landscape of Malawi. There is great rage and anguish in the country.

If the anguish that depicted in the heart of Madam Chatinkha was the same heart all Malawians had against corruption and state looting, our nation could be free from looting and corruption.

Unfortunately Malawians are angry of political positions and power hungry instead of being angry over the “isms” of evil one of which is corruption.

Madame Chatinkha has displayed the true picture of what is in the hearts of politicians.

Politics has a numerator of “ideology”, if your ideology do not tally with others quit in peace and move on, the advantage of the World is that we are living in plural politics where political parties are many. It is better to switch sides with dignity than demeaning self.

The regalia that was burned does not feature the face of Lazarus Chakwera and MCP, it features the face of the man Chatinkha would not defame or talk bad of (Kamuzu Banda).

The Utopian caution citizens of Malawi to play it cool and easy, politics is a game of ideas, if we are to fight let ideas fight but not our physical self.

If Ms. Chatinkha had found bad company in MCP the best she could do was to pile the materials of MCP and handover to the party or give to those who may use it or donate than burning.

The burnings according to the culture and traditions of Malawi entails bad luck or implies bad omen.

Whatever differences MCP has within its house are supposed to be dealt with sober mindset.

The majority of political figureheads enjoy seeing the kind of political discourse taking place in MCP.

As citizens when we see these political shineniganism taking place in any political party we must not be happy rather must show our outrage over the kind of politics which influence the way government is run.

We are failing to advise the ruling party because the political discourse in the country has the mentality and attitude of Ms. Chatinkha.

MAENGA is influencing a political landscape where ideology will be the rule of the game in future; not names, family totems or ownership.

However we deplore the action of burning political materials by any other member or any political party in this era of political pluralism in our nation.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
The Utopian philosophy team.

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