NTCHEU-(MaraviPost)-A 60 year old retired Roman Cathodic priest has taken his own life by hanging himself to the roof of his house, at Zing’anda village, Traditional Authority (T/A)  Mpando, in the district, at around 1800 hours on Wednesday.

The development comes barely a month after a serving priest committed suicide in Blantyre.

Ntcheu Police station spokesperson Hastings Chigalu has identified the deceased as Frank Waziyamba who has been suffering from ulcers for a long time.

According to Chigalu, In April this year, the late Waziyamba was admitted at Malamulo Mission Hospital, and discharged last month.

“On this fateful day, most family members left in the morning for maize harvest leaving the deceased behind with a 12 year old boy.

“It was when this caretaker left to play with his friends, that Mr. Frank  Waziyamba found some space to lock himself inside the house,” says Chigulu

He adds, “Upon return from the field, family members found the door locked from inside, a thing that alarmed them.

“Having more questions than answers after having no clue of the elder’s whereabouts, the family members resorted to breaking the window to gain entry into the house. They were terrified to see the elder’s body hanging to the roof by the neck”.

The police publicist explained that, “No suicide note was left behind to at least ease the burden of thinking as to what actually forced the retired priest to fasten his encounter with heavens.

“Postmortem results revealed that death was due to suffocation, secondary to strangulation”

Late Frank Waziyamba hailed from Zing’anda village, Traditional Authority (T.A) Mpando, in the district.

Meanwhile, Police is pleading with people not to resort to taking own lives, but rather seek other means of sharing and solving their problems.

Suicide is not a solution.

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