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Written by Marjori’e Tamie

I remember being very stupid.  Worrying about where I was renting instead of renting in a cheap area and using the extra cash to build a house.  Some people are trapped in this thing of maintaining standards.

Why would you pay Mk500,000 for a one-bedroom apartment instead of getting a room for k100,000 and using the Mk400,000 extra cash to build a proper house in the rural areas. This thing of leaving home to Town to rent a Mk900,000 apartment drive nice machine installment and take your kids to a private school while your children have no property to inherit is stupid. 

Even if you share one big bedroom for your kids for five years while your building them a proper home nothing is wrong with that. Real comfort comes after suffering it is unfortunate that no one wants to go through the pain, instead the majority want the easy way out.

Why seriously, why do you pay such a huge amount for rent while you have no property in your name? At least build rental accommodations in the Township that your children could inherit in the event of death. Stop living a fake life in the city.

Most People are fake in the city. You hear a person bragging about renting an apartment in a high-end area while he has no asset.

If this pandemic has not taught you the difference between assets and liabilities.  You will be broke forever and your children will inherit your poverty mindset.

Being fake is the stupidest thing ever especially in a global struggling economy.

My point is. People are living a lie. All those expensive restaurants they going to, the cars, the apartments it is debt and stress to keep with the Jones’s

If you are forced to work in a city. Rather rent a room in a safe area. Buy a secondhand car. Cook and eat at home, no restaurants.  Drink in your room get real friends. Save up. Build a portfolio.  At least after 5 years of working be proud of having built yourself and your children a house or apartments to rent. Not this thing of wanting to be celebrated on social media because of the fake lifestyle you claim to be living in the city while your children have no real assets to inherit.

Jay Z once said ” You got flash now, but time will reveal money”

At the end of the day. The fake ones will be exposed.  Dead or alive if you were living a fake life you will be exposed.

Keep it real.

Marjori’e Tamie Business Owner at Nkombe skincare

Marjori’e Tamie Business Owner at Nkombe skincare and Contributor to better living at The Maravi Post as a Freelance reporter

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