Beware of impersonators! Fake police officer fails to get cash from journalist

A local journalist from Karonga the northern border of Malawi on Saturday, would have lost a lot of money and other properties to an identified man who was posing as a police officer working at area 3 police station in Lilongwe.

The said police officer who is suspected to be a trickster, called the journalist using the Airtel number, 0991027123 but failed to mention his name. He simply informed the journalist he was implicated in an ivory deal by two suspects who are in the police custody.

“I am  a police officer at area 3 station and who are you and where are you from?” asked the said police officer.

After the journalist identified himself, the suspected fake police officer said “I have been given your number by some suspects namely (names withheld to protect the innocent). The two have named you as an ivory dealer and I called to hear your side.”

When the journalist denied the allegations and that he don’t know the said named suspects, the police officer then asked the journalist to rescue himself from the case.

“We know you as a journalist and you are doing a great job in the country, however, the case is big and it may spoil your name and career. So what you can do is to rescue yourself,” said the police officer.

The journalist then told the police officer that he will present himself to Karonga police station or area 3, however the said police officer tried to advise him how he should proceed by saying “If you go there, you will be arrested but what you can do is do something that can rescue you.”

The journalist hang up, knowing he was being the subject of a trickster.

Karonga police deputy operations officer Jafali Hassan, warned the journalist to stop answering the calls of the suspect when the matter was referred to him.

“This is not how the police work. The man is just a police impersonator and wants to get your cash from unsuspecting people,” said Hasan.

Hassan then asked people to report to police any suspicious requests of this nature.

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