Patricia Kaliati
Patricia Kaliati: says Malawi journalists are corrupt and destroyers

Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Patricia Kaliati on Saturday attacked journalists in the country for being corrupt and destroyers. Kaliati said this in Karonga during a meeting she held with traditional leaders.


She said government knows that most journalists in Malawi, are the agents of the government’s opponents who give them millions of Kwachas to write negative stories against the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).


“As government, we are aware that journalists are persuaded by government’s opponents to write negative stories,” said Kaliati.


She then told journalists that such kind of writing not only affects the ruling DPP government but Malawi as whole.


However, Kaliati said journalists should desist from this malpractice because the press is the mouthpiece of everybody within and outside the country.


“If they give you money to write bad things against government just receive it but don’t spoil your own country,” she added.


Karonga youths activist Steven Simsokwe, however disputed the minister’s remarks and argued they were made with the aim of silencing journalists from writing pertinent issues affecting Malawians.


He said “if government knows such journalists why not bringing them to book? Because the way the minister was speaking was as if government has witnesses this untoward the development.”


According to him, the government should learn to accept criticism and stop regarding criticizers as enemies.


Media bodies in Malawi, are yet to react to the minister’s comments.

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