Zilanie NyundoThe Lilongwe Society for Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) has intensified awareness campaign in a bid to provide information to the public on best ways to live with animals as they are ornaments of security, food and entertainment in homes. 

LSPCA intervention comes amid recklessness on the part of the general public towards managing and caring animal on domestic and commercial purposes such that animals like dogs have ended causing havoc by biting people. 


Speaking in an interview, after successfully hosting the 2015 Lilongwe Triathlon at Bishop Mackenzie International on Sunday, Zilanie Nyundo, LSPCA Board Chairperson expressed gratitude over the proceeds gotten during the event that will be channeled towards communities projects. 

Nyundo said animals welfare was paramount towards the development of the nations as they provide security, food, income and  entertainment hence the comprehensive initiative in protecting them for continual of better services than causing mayhem.


“The triathlon is the strategic way of courting policy makers, business tycoons, security companies aimed at raising funds for our communities projects such as rabies awareness campaigns, caring and managing animals for domestic and commercial purposes.


“The event involves swimming, bicycle riding, jumping castles and ruffle draws which patrons enjoy while contributing something towards our course. This year has been a successful because Malawi Police Service and other security companies took part in the event”, delighted Nyundo.


She therefore appealed to the general public start embracing animal welfare in the country saying her organization would continue engaging stakeholders by providing quality information and services on how best the public can still live mutually with animals in their homes.


“We want to instill confidence in people hearts on how animals; dogs, cats, chickens, pigeons, rabbits can contribute to their wellbeing in homes hence abuse to such animals will be reduced. With the strategic and comprehensive approach towards the course, we want to eradicate rabies which is lethal in peoples’ lives. Therefore, cooperation is what is needed for this campaign to bear fruits”, urges Nyundo.


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