Chakwera not ticking to Malawians expectations

By Deus Chikalaza

ZOMBA-(MaraviPost)-Truth be said, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) cannot manage to handle a nation in a democracy, unless it employs trickery, brutality, political prisoners and intimidation.

In all fairness, forgetting about the clear blatant lie prior to 2020 fresh presidential election, the non existent Tonse alliance and of course the MCP had the best yet non realistic manifesto in the eyes of those that were dull and honest at the same time.

Dull in the sense to believe the practicality of the manifesto and honest to accept that, assuming it’s realistic, it remained the best.

However, you will be shocked to realize that both Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and MCP were fully aware that the MCP manifesto was simply an object to trick their way to state House.

The only difference was that while DPP preached honesty that the MCP manifesto was a white elephant, MCP decided to lie that it’s possible.

After all Malawians had already believed it and Chakwera knew that was an easy middle finger to Malawians.

Soon after ascending to power, the Chakwera government decided to deal with Democratic institutions first in order to implement their one party regime.

They bought major private media, Zodiak and Times and so that Malawians should not have access to independent media.

Those that were there when Kamuzu was in power were not surprised with this as MCP has always seen media as a threat and they don’t want citizens to have access to correct and true information.

Unfortunate developments that follow like appointment of the most nepotistic cabinet in history, massive looting of Covid-19 billions, depreciation of kwacha and subsequent price increases are actually results of a collapsed state that is operating from a strange domain just installed by the Chakwera regime, the one party era.

Government systems and institutions are failing to operate because of gross state interference as they are meant to operate in a free state hence all these sufferings by Malawians.

The just approved infamous Labour bill by Chakwera, after he said that he would not approve it, is a latest example that the MCP is convinced that it has installed the one party state and no one can dare its decisions.

Other examples are the abuse of Parliament like the Namalomba case where they are trying to silence him by advancing impeachment, recruitment of party personnel in all strategic government institutions (MERA, MACRA etc) and arresting anyone who come openly to oppose unpopular MCP decisions.

At the end of the day, Malawians are on their own and are in tough times where the only thing that is constant is the middle finger from Chakwera.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author but not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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