Minister Nancy Tembo (R) carring a shovel full of waste from Area 22 river. Pic (C) Daniel Namwini-Man

By Daniel Namwini

Lilongwe based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Save the Future Foundation has said it was committed to conserving environment through Kamtoletole Project.

Executive Director of the Organization, Maloto Chinkombero has disclosed the development on Saturday during the launch of the Project in Area 22, Lilongwe.

“The project is a strategic clean-up campaign aiming at improving waste management though collecting wastes and civic educating people on how and why they should manage their wastes well without harming the environment,” he said.

Chinkombero pointed out that the initiative would run from August to December 31, 2020, and it would target communities such as Area 22, 24 and other surrounding areas in the district.

He said the organization embarked on Kamtoletole Project in Lilongwe City so that it could assist the Council to fight against poor waste management.

The Executive Director appealed to private and public sectors and corporate world to support the initiative financially since the project has no funding.

The Project was launched by Lilongwe City South West Constituency member of Parliament, Nancy Tembo who promised to support the organization.

“As an MP for this constituency, I will engage community members, traditional leaders and faith based organizations to join the organization in sensitize people on how to manage their waste,” she said.

Tembo who is also Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources requested traditional leaders to put waste management by-laws so that they could avoid poor waste management practices done by community members in the constituency.

Area 22 bridge after clean-up waste products disposed by community members. Pic (C) By Daniel Namwini-Mana

Group Village headman, Matiki in Area 24 said they would organize a meeting with community members to make by-laws for those that would be found disposing waste in River banks so that they could reduce poor waste disposal in their areas. “We hope that by-laws to be made will assist the community members to avoid poor waste disposals that have put lives of people at risks of affected with diseases such as Cholera and Malaria,” he added.

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