Martha Chizuma challenged

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The leaked Malawi Police (MP) report and Rainbow TV Interview has exposed Martha Chizuma as the intellectual dwarf and the politically motivated woman she perfectly is to head Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) might have seen what was hidden from many of us when they first rejected her appointment. The woman is full of haste and lacks intellectual capacity befitting her office.

The report which she produced has been exposed by the academia, the media and the Malawi police as lacking the test of a real world situation. She basically failed to respond to basic questions posed by Rainbow TV and one wonders why she went there.

If it was In film making, we could say she created dull characters that could not make her story believable and that is against best practices in any piece of art.

Chizuma and Chakwera

Imagine all her movie characters were raped at once at exactly 11 o’clock, did not even cry or shout and many of them could not describe the physical outlook of the officers. Those who tried to explain the physical outlook of police officers, revealed that they were either raped by movie characters playing the role of a policeman but with dreadlocks or by police officers they could identify with the size and color of their manhood only.

What a poor storyline and characterisation!

It’s unbelievable that a story of that dull nature made Malawians 255 million poorer but it’s understandable since women are most times pre-judged as victims and conspiracy on the issue could not be ruled out.

The interesting part is that the police report was produced by a group of professionals who have vast experience in criminal investigation while the Martha Chizuma report was produced by herself and her fellow commissioner at Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) Rosemary Kanyuka.

For anyone doubting, these are professional investigators who produced the police report:

Agness Mwabumba, Regional Criminal Investigations Officer for the North;

Diederichs Banda, Officer In-Charge for Crime Analysis;

Master Nkhoma, Regional Criminal Investigations Officer, South;

Chrissy Mwale, Regional Criminal Investigations Officer, East;

Florence Chiwambo, Station Criminal Investigation Officer for Mwanza;

John Petro, a detective at Fiscal Police, Blantyre

It is only proper and objective to accept the police report as more professional, not only because of the people behind it, but the sense that is logically presented and facts herein.

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