Mutharika July 6th

Fellow Malawians,

This is a great day for all Malawians. It is a day when, regardless of our differences, we come together in national unity. We come in unity as one people of one nation.

This is the day we remember who we are. We remember that we are all Malawians. And it is the day we must remember our national pride. But we cannot be proud of this country if we do not love it. This is the day we must raise our flags of patriotism.

This is the day everyone must show how we love Malawi. Malawi is the only country that we have. If we destroy this country, we have destroyed ourselves.

For the past 55 years we have come to this event in celebration. This year, we have come with many people concerned. They are asking: Where is our country going to?

They have a case in court. Why can’t they wait for the court process? They are doing what they are doing because they know they know they lost the Election. They lost the Election big time.

But I say to you, Malawi will continue on the path to prosperity. Malawi will continue to move forward. This country belongs to us all.

What we need is to collectively reflect what went wrong with us as a people. Tizifunse: Kodi a Malawi tatani?

I know that there are many millions of Malawians who are silent but who love this country. There are millions of Malawians who love peace, law and order. Let us join them in the love of our country.

As we raise our flags of patriotism, let us remember that it has taken us unity and hard work to build the Malawi that we have. We have built a country with treasures worth safeguarding. We may be a poor nation but we are not poor people.

We may have differences but we are not enemies. There is no Malawian who must regard a fellow Malawian as an enemy.

We may vote for different parties. That does not mean we are enemies. We may come from different parts of the country, that does mean we are enemies. We are all Malawians. We are one people.

As long as Malawi is a multi-party democracy, there shall never come a time when we will all vote for one person. We will always differ in our political preferences. But that should never make us enemies. We will always remain Malawians, people of one country, and a common goal to develop our country. Let us unite in developing the country.

Together, let us build schools instead of destroying them. We all need our children to be educated. Patriotism begins with the love of our communities for the sake of our children.

Together, let us build roads wherever we come from. We all need good roads.

Together, let us all respect and protect businesses in the private sector. We all need their services.

Together, let us protect our vendors. They struggle everyday to put food on the table for their children.

Patriotism begins with the love of our communities for the sake of our children.

Our independence will be meaningless if we do not demonstrate greater love for our country. The years we have spent building this nation since Independence must be honoured in a greater love for our country.

As we raise our flags of patriotism, we never forget that their struggle for our independence was long and challenging. It was not easy.
The best we can do is to protect and enjoy our peace.

We need freedom and peace for our farmers to work in their fields to feed us.

We need freedom and peace for our vendors to operate their businesses every day. These are Malawians who struggle every day to put food on the table for their children.

We need freedom and peace for our children to go to school and for our teachers to educate our next generation.

And where there is no peace, there is no freedom. Without freedom and peace, our health workers cannot treat and keep us fit to develop our country.

On this note, let me thank all Malawians of goodwill who speak for peace, law and order in our country.

I also want to thank our security forces for the hard work to maintain peace in our country.
I also want to thank you Malawians who have remained calm and peaceful. These are silent Malawians, the silent majority, who are not speaking.

In the spirit of peace, love and unity, I want to urge all Malawians to respect the Rule of Law for the sake of peace in this country. Let us respect the courts and chiefs who are the custodians of traditional laws for the sake of order.

We need unity, love and peace for us to continue taking Malawi from poverty to prosperity. We need to build Malawi on the foundations we have set.

In the past 55 years, we have successfully built Malawi as a peaceful nation. We have been known as a warm hearted people. This is a national legacy worth continuing.

In the past 55 years, we have successfully united and co-existed as different cultural groups. We have lived as one people because we are one people.

Over the past five years, we have laid foundations that will take Malawi from poverty to prosperity.
• We have recovered the economy and now it is growing
• We have constructed community technical colleges where our youths are being trained in skills to create jobs;
• We have constructed and rehabilitated roads across the country to facilitate transport and trade;
• We have taken electricity to villages under Malawi Rural Electrification Programme;
• We are implementing Public Sector Reforms so that we can improve delivery of public services to our people;
• We have built more schools and recruited and deployed more teachers so that our children can get education.
• We have built more hospitals, equipped them and improved drug stocks so that we can be healthy.

Together, let us continue along this path of transformation.
Together, let us pursue and realize our goal of transforming this country from poverty to prosperity.

Together, we can make Malawi.
But we cannot move forward with people who want to make Malawi a lawless country. Let me explain the political situation that we see.

The violence you see is calculated to turn Malawi into a lawless state. That is why they want to undermine every democratic institution that ensures law and order in the country.

They want to create lawlessness so that they can take over this government. But they will only take this government over my dead body.

They want to undermine our courts because courts make us a democratic and lawful country. They want to intimidate our chiefs because chiefs are custodians of our traditional laws.

They want to undermine the Malawi Electoral Commission because this is the body that oversees democratic transition.
They are creating propaganda against Army and Police because these are hardworking security officers who keep law and order.

They want to intimidate vendors, shop owners and banks from doing their business because they don’t want you business people to succeed in your lives.

Our situation is created by selfish people who do not love this country. And these are people who do not love you Malawians.

This is unacceptable. The violence is unacceptable. Turning Malawi into a lawless state is unacceptable.

Intimidating people who support Government is unacceptable. Intimidating innocent business people is unacceptable. Intimidating our chiefs is unacceptable.

And we, the people of Malawi, will hold them accountable. The law will take action.

But you and I will continue to wish Malawi peace, love and unity. We will pray for love, peace and unity. We will rise and speak for peace, love and unity.
And wish one another love, peace and unity.

May God Bless You All!

Thank you!
God bless Malawi!
And bless us all!

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