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Pastor Thom dares critics

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Without shame the fired Executive Assistant and Special Advisor on Church and Religious Affairs, Pastor Martin Thom, has dismissed rumours swirling around social media platforms that he has fled the country following his arrest on Bill smuggling allegation.

Thom, who has traveled on official duties to New Delhi, India, through Doha in Qatar on a business class, challenged that he is ready to face justice as a man.

He is travelling on E-ticket no. 1576369644375 and is expected back August 24, 2021.

His trip, coming barely a few days after his arrest and release on police bail, raised eyebrows, with some Malawians suspecting that he could be fleeing the country for fear of being jailed.

Yet others suspect that his arrest was just a smoke screen because “the real culprit in the Bill smuggling saga” is still a free man walking the streets of Malawi.

“It is surprising to see someone who was arrested last week is on bail, but he is able to fly out. Thom Martin, as a suspect, was supposed to surrender all his travelling documents, but he is free to fly out under Tonse administration.

“All what Chakwera promised Malawians were false hopes. He promised rule of law but he is the first to break it while Martha Chizuma is just watching,” reacted one social media fan yesterday.

The fan alleged that Thom’s firing was a calculated move to suppress public anger.

But in epistle in reaction to social media reports about his questionable trip, Thom challenged that he is ready to face justice as a man what come may!

Pastor Thom Martin fired as Executive Assistant and Advisor to President Chakwera

“There are rumours flying around that I have ran away from the law or that I am still on duty abroad for President Chakwera. These are lies being pushed by people who have made it their business to tarnish the President no matter what the truth is. So, I want to set the record straight,” he said.

“President Chakwera is the finest President Malawi has ever had, a man of great integrity. The fact that he terminated my contract will never change my love for and devotion to him and his success. As my God is my witness, there is no ill will in my heart towards him or towards Malawi. As for the charges levelled against me, I will face these in court and answer them like a man.

“Though I have temporarily travelled abroad to attend to private matters that were long overdue but have nothing to do with my case or my former employment, I have every intention of returning and the authorities already have this assurance,” he said.

Thom went on to dare inquisitive Malawians that Chakwera will succeed in executing his vision to transform Malawi and he wishes him nothing, but success even though he is no longer serving him as Special Advisor.

“This is a fact. My devotion to him goes beyond and deeper than politics and government work. This is also a fact. No amount of lies people spread about him, no slander people believe about him, and no arrest of people close to him changes these facts.

“The Lord is with him, and though his enemies attack him with great force and devilish venom, they will be scattered in shame in a thousand directions. As it is written: “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain against the Lord’s anointed. He who sits enthroned in the heavens laughs and scoffs at them,” he narrated.

“So this is my prayer: Ambuye, put those to shame who propagate lies about your servant and bless all those who mean it from the heart when they sing these words: “M’dalitse mtsogoleri nafe ndi Mayi Malawi,” he concluded.

Thom travel has surprised many as he has not face the court for charges on loan bill autholization smuggling bill.

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