By Saunders Jumah the Utopian

Age is just but a number, old or young thieves are thieves. Saulos Chilima has presided a government of crooks, corruption and state looting, not any single day did he (Chilima) denounced the state plunder.

This is the same the young man who stood on the podium threatening to expose corrupt contractors but never exposed. This is the very same man whose underhand dealings at department of road traffic have not been exposed.

Malawi must resist or scare away from choosing leaders based on age (young or old) Thieves have no age. You can be old and be a big thief, you can be young and remain a thief too.

When we talk of youthful leaders we do not just need to change faces but characters that get “affixed and are addicted” to the rule of law and policy implementation.

We are not going door by door hunting for youthful leaders who have not distinguished or displayed their conviction for transformative governance that overhaul the “rubbish and nonsense” that have taken place in the past 4 years.

We need men and women of calibre who are ready to sacrifice their personal needs for the nation. From the look of things age aint the matter but the mind of a person.

Much as we do not need over ‘aged leaders above 80’ to rule us we are also not interested in young failures and cowards, who fear to tell the truth where need be.

We are not prepared to swear in young men and women who are called children of others, Saulos Claus Chilima has been a child of President Peter Mutharika, he can not transform this country.

Malawi now has come to the point where we need people that are radical, objective and transformative willing to overhaul the old system for the new one.

Malawi must not be involved when a political party of thieves is trying to bluff citizens to seek sympathy when they are playing cosmetics politics of faces.

“A fox and a jackal or a hyena all eat goats”. If there is anyone to be trusted in DPP the person must come into the open and declare that all thieves will be apprehended and face the law. Not lipservice law that George Chaponda is facing.

Malawi is on a path towards transformation we do not need to transform thieves into thieves.

We have been ruled by thieves, its time, sane and patriots come up to redeem this nation from the hands of shinenigans and political hooligans who count less of the importance of the nation and people.

This is not seen happening with DPP even if they lie how many angels they have in their camp.

When billions are being siphoned, stolen, vandalized, looted and cash gated Saulos Chilima, Atupele Muluzi and all young caders have been there, they said nothing and did nothing.

At the present moment a suspect whose case has not been concluded has just been returned the money found in his house.

Yet Indians who have been found with bundles of money in their houses or at road blocks are charged of money laundering. The “Saint” Saulos Chilima go mute.

What nation in the world has been run the way Peter Mutharika has led Malawi? It is pathetic, deploring, worrisome, tearful and saddening.

Though Kamuzu Banda was a killer but he could not tolerate this nonsense.

Those of you who know the case of Traditional Authority Kuntumanji can learn that Kamuzu Banda was better than Peter Mutharika.

Being the deputy President Saulos Chilima was supposed to call his senior to order if he was to make a good leader.

History teach us of vice presidents in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Sometime in 1997 acting president Prince Mangosuthu Gatcha Buthelezi gave an Executive Presidential Order to deploy military intervention in the Kingdom of Lesotho.

In 1988 amid tension between the international community and Robert Mugabe vice president Joshua Mkomo ordered the British and Americans to give relief food to famine stricken Zimbabwe when Mugabe was on leave somewhere in the East.

Saulos Chilima has acted like a child who cannot defy or overrule what his senior does or says. Case in point he has failed to bring the nation to order, failed to tell the country the truth about the sickness of President Peter Mutharika when he prolonged his trip in the USA.

It took an intelligent minister Malison Ndau to clear the mist about the whereabouts of President Peter Mutharika. Unfortunately Malison Ndau lost his job for being honest and patriotic.

If DPP want to show the nation that it is willing to change “Bon Kalindo and Callista Mutharika” could be best contenders to stand on the podium and sell their party for a second chance. Not Saulos Chilima, George Chaponda, Kondwani Nakhumwa, Mwanaamveka, Hetherwick Ntaba, Bright Msaka or the rest.

All these are stained with bad record of croockery, theft, corruption and state looting.

We are not and cannot intervene in bedroom politics of any political party the fact that DPP is in the government forced us to intervene because the future of the nation from 2018 to 2019 lies in its hands.

Age is not a factor, late President Bingu Wa Mutharika and late Kamuzu Banda were over 70 when they steered this nation upwards. President Peter Mutharika is not failing the country because of age.

He failed ministry of Education when he was young. He saw the sacking and deportation of British Envoy when he was young, he failed to amend or reform the constitution when he was minister of constitutional affairs. Age is nothing but upstairs.

Maenga is being run by an old but intelligent man Chief Haswell Bandawe.

He has opened many minds at his age and Maenga is running with vision.

We started as diverse with hatred, rage, and anger over one another because members come from different political groupings, parties and ideologies but under his leadership we are all united as one despite holding different views.

Under his dynamic leadership we know ideologies can differ but the nation comes supreme.

DPP need to go back to the drawing board and diagnose the real remedy than singing the song of the youth.

We do not just need youthful leadership but leaders of policies and implementers of the rule of law in Malawi.

***The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of Maravi Post

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