By Rick Dzida

Dr Saulos Chilima , the Vice President of Malawi, has achieved a lot in various facets of his life.

Education wise, Dr. Chilima possesses a PhD in knowledge management, the highest academic qualification.

In terms of his profession, Dr. Chilima was the first indigenous Malawian to be the Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Malawi Limited after serving various senior managerial positions.

Legal wise, Dr. Chilima is on record to have won all court cases. First was the case in 2016 he won over a second hand car which was deceitfully refurbished by Mike Appel and Gatto Limited. Second was the presidential elections case that saw Malawians voting again on 23 June 2020.

In terms of his presentability, many people have fallen in love with his disposition too. There was a time when Zambian ladies appreciated Dr. Chilima’s handsomeness on a Facebook page. Even Lucius Banda on his Facebook wall ushered praises on his successes too.

Regarding his theism, Dr. Chilima is a dedicated active Catholic church member.

Dr. Chilima is also a family man married with children. I recall that there is an ardent WhatsApp follower who is quick to praise the beauty of Dr. Chilima’s wife whenever her picture is posted.

In politics, Dr. Chilima is serving his second term of being the Vice President of Malawi. This is a great achievement.

Despite all the aforementioned successes, Dr. Chilima finds it difficult to ascend to the position of the president of Malawi.

He tried to manoeuvre his way to be the torch bearer of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). He hit the dead end.

The next was Plan B that saw Dr. Chilima to form his own party , UTM. He hit another dead end when he lost the 2019 presidential elections . He miserably came third during the 2019 presidential race.

Next was Plan C in which Malawians witnessed that Chilima and Chakwera succesfully challenged the 2019 presidential elections.

However, Dr. Chilima hit another dead end when the court interpreted the word ‘majority’ to mean ’50+1′.

Could Dr. Chilima amass over 50% of the votes on his own , considering that he came third during 2019 presidential elections? Doubtful it stood.

Next was Plan D. Dr. Chilima lobbied to be torchbearer of Tonse grand Alliance for 23 June fresh presidential elections. He also hit another dead since it was Dr. Chakwera who emerged to be the presidential candidate for Tonse Alliance.

Plan E was the next move. He told Malawians at Njamba rally that he would be the torch bearer of Tonse Alliance in 2025 presidential elections. When asked to confirm this, Dr. Chakwera denied to have discussed this arrangement. Another dead hit.

Another unfortunate scenario is that the Constitution of Malawi empowers Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to stand as a presidential candidate for the second term.

One is then prompted to think that Dr. Saulos Chilima can still be a running mate to Dr. Lazarus Chakwera. This is another dead end because Chilima will have served his two maximum terms as the Vice President of Malawi. According to Malawi constitution, Chilima can’t stand as a running mate to any presidential candidate.

Next on the queue is Plan F. Since Dr. Chilima has never served as the President of Malawi, can’t he stand as a presidential candidate of any party in 2025. This is another dead hit.

In the case of the State vs Muluzi, the High Court under the coram of Justice Twea, Justice Potani and Justice Mtambo on 16 May 2009 rules that the Vice President who has served his maximum two terms as a vice president cannot stand as a presidential candidate.

What can be the next move for Dr. Saulos Chilima? The solution is Plan G.

Plan G entails that Dr. Saulos Chilima must still submit his nomination papers in 2025 as a presidential candidate.

Dr. Kachale, Chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), will then reject his candidature based on the ruling of the 2009 High Court that bars Dr. Chilima from standing as a presidential candidate.

Dr. Chilima will then challenge the decision of MEC and also ruling of the 2019 High Court by way of an appeal. Currently, Dr. Chilima’s political career remains in limbo.

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