It’s impossible to deny, most of us just love a royal anything. There’s no gossip better than royal gossip, no wedding like a royal wedding and no baby bump like a royal one.

And ever since Suits star Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, they’ve been catapulted into a limelight so bright it would make even the most astute or confident personality weep.

So, at the back of the news that the couple is getting their very own Lifetime movie (creatively titled Harry & Meghan) and after news broke that the London zoo named a just-born okapi after the soon-to-be princess (May wedding!), we thought it important, pertinent even, that we show you the less conventional side of Meghan.

According to Stylecaster once she becomes a royal she won’t be allowed to take selfies, use social media, engage in public displays of affection, wear colour nail polish, wear wedges (!), sit with her legs crossed, etc.

Adding to this list, Cosmopolitan notes that she also won’t be able to go out in public completely alone and won’t be able to give autographs either – be that as Meghan the star of Suits or Markle the royal family member.

A woman who seems to always dance to the beat of her own drum, she has already been breaking a few beauty and fashion rules set by and for the royals. The most notable one perhaps, wearing a sheer black shirt embroidered with gold leaves as an engagement pictures top. Seen as a bit too risque, Markle’s outfit choice was received with some negativity.

As for ‘the rules’, some are official while others like not wearing lip gloss are more Queen’s suggestion.

This is insider and Harpers Bazaar reported that she broke the following beauty and fashion protocol rules already:

• Not wearing nude stockings at the engagement photocall.

• Wearing a tote bag instead of a clutch (clutches are apparently preferred as it makes it easier to avoid unwanted handshakes).

• She wore her hair in a messy bun during a royal engagement even though the royal rules dictate that only sleek hairstyles be worn.

• Markle wore mismatched earrings to an event held at Cardiff Castle.

• Contoured cheeks were spotted at the official Christmas service – royals usually don’t contour as it runs the risk of them looking ‘overdone’. Smoky eyes are avoided for the same reason.

• She wore lip gloss to the Queen’s pre-Christmas dinner at Sandringham House – a lip product given a miss by royals as it might result in something like this: hair + wind + lip gloss = unflattering photo.

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