Superstructures and Latrine Squatting Slabs with a value of €130, 000 to Malawi, South East Africa

UK Exports to UNICEF

We all know, that children are the future and we should do everything to make the world a safer place. That’s why Dunster House Ltd. the UK’s first garden lifestyle company with the Humanitarian Division has started a business partnership with UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children Fund!

We are currently in the process of supplying UNICEF with over 1,000 of Emergency Superstructures and Latrine Squatting Slabs with a value of 130, 000 to Malawi, South East Africa. The first order is an emergency requirement as a result of heavy flooding.  The second order is to satisfy additional needs.

The Dunster House Superstructure is an emergency latrine, that offers security and privacy to the end users; providing a dignified sanitation solution following an emergency situation. Dunster Latrine ships flat packed, resulting in lower freight cost and easy handling.


The Dunster Latrine Slab is our unique, in-house designed slab. It is durable and thin; allowing more plates to be stacked per pallet, reducing the cost of transport. Further benefits include: Hand Shaped Recesses on the plate underside, facilitating easy movement of the plate during installation or relocation, Support Handles to aid those with restricted ability. Ground Anchoring Pins are also shipped with the Slab, offering a way to secure the slab to the ground below. Manufactured in the UK we can also boast quick lead times, with no time associated with shipping product in from overseas, facilitating delivery within a very reasonable time.


The Dunster House Superstructure and The Dunster Latrine Slab features 3 product solutions:

  • The Dunster Latrine Slab
  • The Superstructure
  • Raised Latrine as a complete product


With over 6 years of experience in off-grid technology, Dunster House is continuing to design and develop potential solutions for humanitarian aid. The company has supplied UNICEF, Oxfam and Medair with emergency sanitation solutions, deployed to the Central African Republic, Nigeria and Chad. At the forefront of innovation, we are involved in the ‘Pee-Power Project’, that is turning urine into electricity; developed by researchers at the Bristol BioEnergy Centre, BRL, University of the West of England and supported by Oxfam and trialled at Glastonbury – the UK’s biggest musical festival for the past two years.


Dunster House and the Humanitarian Division is based in the UK’s headquarter, where all the products are designed and manufactured. It means, that the success of the company’s EXPORT to UNICEF is bringing increased job security to its employees.