After years of inspiring online ridicule with their clueless signs, Malawi Assemblies of God church has issued a memo calling for all churches to stop using the phrase ‘Ass of God’ on their signposts.

In an unverified internal memo released on 19 September and directed at the Church’s leaders, the church seemed to have been clueless about the implications of what “Ass of God entails.”

‘No more Ass talk’ – Assemblies Of God

The President of the church, who signed the memo, advises that ‘Ass’ means a booty, a donkey, a fool or the rectum itself and thus was not a word the church needed to be associated with.

“Kindly inform all Pastors under your jurisdiction ro refrain from using the abbreviation on their signposts. Let us write the name of our church in full: Malawi Assemblies of God,” says the memo.

There you have it, only in 2017 did the church realise that it was being an ass by thinking Ass was the shorthand for Assembly.

Lucky they never adopted ‘Asses’ as an identity for the church’s faithfuls.