The gambling industry that we had 3 decades ago is totally different from what we have today. Going to a Canadian land-based casino was fashionable in the past, but this has changed. Gamblers are now inclined more to online gambling courtesy of the many online casinos that serve different clienteles. 

We cannot ignore the fact that technology has played a crucial role in transforming the industry. What are some of the specific technologies that have made this a reality? We were lucky to have a session with our gambling expert Conrad Brennan (check profile), who shared with us the impact of technology on casinos. The following are some of the major technologies:

Cloud gaming 

Gaming was a preserve of a few people who could afford sophisticated and dedicated gaming devices in the past. Those who could not afford such devices were forced to visit gaming arcades. Cloud technology now allows people to stream and play high-end games from normal gaming devices and PCs. 

People no longer have to buy PCs with big RAMs and graphics to play various games. Online casinos and other online gaming platforms host their games on clouds and make it easy for users to play. The beauty of the cloud is that it stores your gaming progress, and you can always proceed from where you left. 

Online gamers do not have to keep deleting various applications on their computers to create space. Such gamers can always enjoy playing the most recent games as updating games does not require sophisticated processes. 

Mobile gaming 

When mobile phones were introduced many moons ago, most people could only visualize them as communication devices. However, they have now transformed to become some of the most important devices that one can own. You can now make calls, send messages, browse on the internet and pay for bills right from your mobile devices. 

The modern Canadian casinos are making it easy for people to access sites that offer online craps right from their mobile devices. Some of these sites have downloadable apps, while others have optimized their sites to support mobile devices. Mobile gaming is convenient as you can enjoy it even when on the move. 


Blockchain technology is one of the new technologies that promise to change the world in ways we cannot imagine. The first tangible application of this technology was in the finance space after the introduction of Bitcoin. The technology could later spread to other industries such as banking, insurance, public records, supply chain, and procurement. 

The gambling sector is also enjoying the presence of blockchain technology through crypto payments. Canadian players can now deposit and withdraw funds in the form of bitcoin and other cryptos. Casino website developers are also using blockchain technology to beef security on such platforms. We can also see some games built on blockchain technology being absorbed on various online gaming platforms. 

Artificial intelligence 

The modern world is competitive, and online casino owners must come up with winning strategies to win and retain users. Offering bonuses has been one of the best approaches to attain that. Artificial intelligence is the casino technology responsible for learning consumer trends and offering bonuses that suits their needs. 

For instance, the technology can study your playing patterns and always send you offers based on your needs. This technology is programmed in a way that makes it hard for casino users to misuse the bonuses. AI will also study trends in the overall gambling world and replicate the same on the casino site. 

Live dealers 

The human touch available in land-based casinos can now be replicated in online casinos courtesy of AR and VR technologies. Live dealers have been introduced in online casinos, and players can now interact with dealers in a similar way that happens in land-based casinos. 

VR headsets now allow gamers to visit casinos virtually through avatars and interact with other players. The two technologies allow gamers to experience 360 degrees gaming experience in the comfort of their homes. However, not all games can support the live dealer gaming mode. 

Above are some of the major technologies that are powering the online gambling sector. We will keep updating our list to ensure that you are always updated on what is happening in this space.

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