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6 times when Linux is much better for students than other OS

Linux has a reputation of being this overly complicated tool that only hackers and other coders know how to use. Many people think that using it means you have to do everything in that black-and-white console with the command line.

But modern Linux distributions (i.e. versions) aren’t like that at all! Most of them have a graphic interface that’s eerily similar to what you’d see if you installed macOS or Windows.

That said, there are some significant differences between Linux and other operating systems. And those differences make it a superior option for any student – not just someone who’s interested in programming!

In case you need some time to install it and wrap your head around Linux, don’t worry: EssayPro offers coursework writing service that can take care of your assignments in the meantime. With that out of the way, let’s kick off the list of six cases that’ll show you why Linux rocks!


  1. When You’re Short on Money

Alright, let’s face it: few students can afford not to count every dollar in their wallets. And if you’re facing the need to get yourself a desktop operating system, you’re in for a bad surprise. Windows 10 Home, for example, will cost you a whopping $139!

Enter Linux. All of its distributions are completely free of charge – yes, you’ve read that right! That’s because all of them are open-source, i.e. created by a community of volunteer developers.

But it’s not the only way this OS will save you money. Other operating systems come with other intrinsic costs. For example, you’d have to pay a subscription fee for an antivirus monthly or annually. That’s not to mention all the other apps you’d have to pay for!

In their turn, most applications for Linux are also open-source and free to install and use. And, most proprietary apps have their open-source counterparts. For example, you can use LibreOffice instead of Microsoft Office, GIMP instead of Adobe Photoshop; the list goes on. (And the antivirus comes in-built, by the way.)

  1. When Your Laptop or PC Is Quite Old

If you use a laptop from 2015 for studying, running the latest Windows or macOS edition on it might be next to impossible. They’re simply not created for old devices, meaning that they can’t use their resources efficiently.

So, even if you manage to install Windows or macOS, you’ll want to bang your head on the table because of how slow your old laptop or PC becomes. And if you’re a student, buying a new laptop or PC might be too hard of a hit on your wallet.

But if you choose Linux… Well, it’ll be a completely different story. There are distributions that are designed specifically for low-end devices. They’re lightweight, don’t require a lot of RAM or storage space, and can work with old processors like i686. Here are some of them:

  • Slax;
  • Zorin OS Lite;
  • Linux Lite;
  • Puppy Linux.
  1. When You Want to Make Your Digital Space Truly Yours

If you’ve ever used the latest editions of Windows in your life, you know how irritating those in-built apps are. You can’t completely delete Cortana; you can’t get rid of Your Phone. All in all, you don’t have full control over the system.

Linux is anything but. There are no bundled services you can’t delete (i.e., no bloatware). You can choose what you need when you install the operating system – and tweak it later on, of course. And if you have a talent for coding, you can even edit the source code of the distribution to make it fit your needs!

Oh, and the updates? You’re in charge of when they’re downloaded and installed – and which ones you want to be installed in the first place. You won’t ever be inconvenienced with unexpected updates if you opt for Linux!

Pro tip: you can boot most Linux distributions from a USB flash drive in live mode. This won’t install anything on your PC or laptop; it’s meant to let you try Linux before making it your OS.

  1. When You’re Worried About Your Privacy

If you just google the words “Windows privacy issues”, you’re bound to see just how much of a problem it is for Windows 10. Cortana listens in on your conversations 24/7. Microsoft collects your data and hands it over to advertisers for precise targeting, thanks to the advertising ID. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! (No, macOS isn’t a lot better, either.)

Of course, if you’ve always been concerned about your privacy, you know how to turn off most of those concerning features. But why bother with all of that handiwork if you can just install an OS without them built-in in the first place?

Linux was designed with privacy and security in mind. It doesn’t come with a bundle of preinstalled services that are potential security and privacy risks. And since the source code for any distribution is open for everyone to check, any sort of spyware has no chance of going unnoticed.

  1. When You Like Tinkering with Software

If you’re the kind of person who loves discovering the settings and tweaking them to personalize applications or the operating systems, this is the OS for you. It’s meant to be customized, after all.

Besides, even if you can’t do something at the settings level, you can always use the command line. All you need to do is google the right command to put into it.

Plus, you’ll boost your problem-solving skills when you start digging deep into what makes a Linux distribution tick and tinkering with it. So, even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, installing this OS can become your gateway into the world of coding!

  1. When You’re an Aspiring Programmer

Yes, this OS isn’t only for programmers. But if you’re an aspiring developer, no other OS can offer you the capabilities that this one can. For one, it supports IDEs for almost all programming languages: C, C++, Java, Perl – you name it.

But that’s not all. The Windows command line is nothing compared to the Linux terminal when it comes to programming. You can choose from numerous libraries and packages that streamline coding and make development easier. And as a cherry on the top, this OS supports writing and executing bash scripts.

As a bonus, even if you don’t plan to use your device for writing software yet, you’re bound to pick up some coding skills. Using the terminal isn’t obligatory for most tasks in a student’s life, of course. But if you want to tinker with the OS or gain the full customization capabilities, you’ll have to get into it at some point.


Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter whether you spend your time in front of a laptop’s or PC’s screen writing essays or coding. If you’re a student, there’s a 95-percent chance you’ll fall in love with Linux once you try several distributions in live mode.

But be warned: you will need to spend some time to find the right distribution. There are dozens of them polished off to meet different needs, so you’ll need to test some of them to find the one.

That said, switching to this OS is completely worth the time and effort, even if you’re not a full-fledged developer. It’s more secure and private, it’s more customizable, and it’s free. What else could you wish for?

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