Soon after Paul Mphwiyo was short Mr Bright Malopa who is former MBC director general claimed to have visited Mr Mpwiyo at the south African Milpark hospital. He claims that he talked to one of the relatives who told him how Dr Ntaba saved his life and say he was not given a chance to meet Paul Mphiyo As much as we appreciate the efforts of Dr Ntaba on this fateful day , we found most of the statements by Mr Malopa as off point and just seeking to get sympathy as well as for political gains which needs to be avoided in addressing this shooting saga.

Firstly, Bright Malopa said Dr Ntaba does not work at the MASM clinic but Ntaba has revealed that he works at MASM clinic on part time basis. He is not employed by the ministry of health and at times he works at KCH as part of professional development. In this case Mr Bright Malopa wanted to create a picture that Dr Ntaba rushed to the clinic on personal grounds. This is a total lie. On this day Dr Ntaba was on call and very ready for any emergencies . Bright Malopa also failed to tell the nation that Dr Ntaba was paid for the services he lendered on that Friday night 

Secondly, Bright Malopa said Dr Ntaba was aware that he was treating the budget director Paul Mphwiyo. But Dr Ntaba has clearly said that he was not aware that this Paul was the one at the ministry of finance until the next day when he saw it in the papers. In this case Ntaba was purely treating Paul as a MASM client and he had no idea that he was treating the budget director. This is another sugar coated lie by Bright. 

Thirdly bright mentioned about Dr Ntaba terminal benefits and he has to say this “Mr Paul Mphwiyo is in charge of public funds from which Dr Ntaba’s terminal benefits are supposed to be paid. As Paul Mphwiyo is fighting for his life at a medical clinic in south Africa today though clearly out of danger after being saved from instant death by Dr Ntaba. Dr Ntaba is in court fighting for his terminal benefits whose disbursement officer is Paul Mphwiyo ” . To us the above statement shows how much anger Bright Malopa harbours against any one working in current government. This statement has nothing to do with this shooting and we would like to remind Mr Malopa that Mr Mphwiyo was entitled to all the medical attention he got that day as he always pays medical insurance . Dr Ntaba was also just doing his Job which he is always paid for.

Bright Malopa failed to appreciate the work of the nurse at the MASM clinic that night. This nurse managed to do the basic resuscitation measures even before the arrival of Dr Ntaba that helped to stabilise the fluid level of the patient. In this case Bright was interested in heaping more praise to Dr Ntaba just because they all share the same plate in the political arena . 

In short Bright Malopa statements on Paul Mphwiyo saga are out of order as most of them seeks just to score political points and favour. As much as it is appreciated how Ntaba acted after the incidence , Mr Malopa mixing of issues portrays his true character of twisting stories and building personal propagandas as he used to do while working at MBC. 

We appreciate the services Dr Ntaba offered on that fateful night but these services were purely offered in the line of duty and also many other medical personels offered a hand without which Dr Ntaba alone couldn’t succeed . We wish all the best to all health personnel who are working day and night to offer services to the nation

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