Lazarus Chakwera clipping the wings of Martha Chizuma

Many people listening to the speech by Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera who feigned forgiveness for Martha by not firing her, were fooled by the trickery but few experienced social media personalities did not fall for the sleight of hand trickery.

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma was one person that was not fooled. She writes in her Facebook page :

Martha Chizuma is a Goner

Ninety percent of the speech was on Malita this says a lot, a public humiliation, the bible teaches us to admonish each other privately. It is REALLY unnecessary. Just telling us that “after considering all things Martha will remain” was enough.

 I feel sorry for her really. Whichever way you look at its Watha Martha, she has her hands now tightly tied behind her back, a position they wanted her in the first place.

She will be tightly controlled and rendered TOTALLY useless. Orama mwamupweteketsa mzanu. Martha’s integrity was destroyed yesterday, and she will be operating under deep duress and fear now. What a waste of a brilliant mind. One slight mistake, real or perceived she makes, she is a goner.

 Joshua Chisa Mbele, who is no one’s, fool also in a colorful commentary of a man who pays his wife ten tambala to stop cheating and has to show him the coin everyday writes in his own commentary the following:

President Chakwera last night put Martha in an exceedingly difficult and awkward situation.

He has actually given her a 10 Tambala Coin to take care for him.

Every other day, at his pleasure she will be asked to bring the Coin.

He will gaze at it and shake his head in disbelief what Martha is capable of saying to other people about him.

Chakwera finished off Martha.

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera the day he appointed Chizuma to ACB –

Supported Martha from her Appointment debacle

On a secondary note, I want to say the following. We have supported Martha from her appointment debacle to this current mishap.

She must now trade carefully. The public support will not be their next time she blunders.

She is the first person who should have known better that her phone is tapped. Her conversations are monitored.

Pegasus is on her.

Yet she was all over with Namalomba.

If she were my wife, Namalomba issue would have actually raised my eyebrows.

Anamasuka mzimai kwambiri.

The President has publicly given Martha the political will,  we all asked for, to deal with Sattar case.

As a bonus, He has dissolved the Cabinet. That is giving her all the latitude in dealing with whoever considered prominent or closer to the President.

Put it in simple terms; He has pulled the carpet under her feet.

Palibe zakuti this is a high-profile case. She is dealing with ordinary suspects. Palibe Mbendera petupetu.

Within the next 48 hours we should be hearing the Drums of War.


The President played a shrewd card never heard in history on the continent.

He reiterated what Martha said in the leaked recording. One by one.

That is what we call, Stabbing and Twisting the Dagga for maximum damage. More pain.

In the end he said, I am not going to fire her. I will keep her. I do not take things personal. I still believe in her even though she has caused me enormous pain.

He disabled her legs.

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