Daily Horoscope
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Aries: (Mar 21- Apr 20) Professional accomplishment is likely to take you places. Safe investments will fill your coffers slowly, but steadily without any risk. An evening out with lover will seem most fulfilling.  Lucky Color: Light Blue, Lucky Number: 5 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) Competition at work may keep you on your toes. An increase in earning is indicated for professionals. Previous investments promise to keep some cosy on the financial front. You may be motivated to join a gym to get into shape. Lucky Color: Beige, Lucky Number: 9 

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 21)  Your efforts on the professional front will be most rewarding. A pat on the back from a superior is likely. Financially, you are all set to grow stronger. Guidance from a family elder will help you in keeping on the right course. Lucky Color: Green, Lucky Number: 20 

Cancer: (Jun 22- Jul 22) There is a likelihood of getting a chance to travel overseas. Test driving a newly acquired vehicle will be a lot of fun. You will be able to complete all paperwork for developing a property. Becoming health conscious will keep you fit. Lucky Color: Red, Lucky Number: 13 

Leo: (Jul 23- Aug 23) Someone you are vying for on the romantic front is likely to warm up to your attention. Pending work may have to be given priority today on the academic front. You will need to handle a man-management situation at work with soft gloves. Lucky Color: Cream, Lucky Number: 7 

Virgo: (Aug 24- Sep 23) Avoid enforcing your opinion on family members as things may go violent and just be out of your control; stay cautious on this front. Being careless on the health front will invite medical aid. Lucky Color: Burgundy, Lucky Number: 4 

Libra: (Sep 24- Oct 23) Your whole family needs a holiday, look further and take a break. If longing to buy a property, it’s the right time to go for it. Don’t blindly trust others and if possible avoid getting friendly with unknown people. Lucky Color: Grey, Lucky Number: 18 

Scorpio: (Oct 24- Nov 22) Real estate investment would be lucrative, make sure you read through all the lines of the offer documents. Beware of the hidden enemies who could try to conspire to harm your personal interests. Lucky Color: Baby Pink, Lucky Number: 11 

Sagittarius: (Nov 23- Dec 21) If possible enjoy quality time in beloved’s company to cement the lovely bond of your relationship. A business trip will help you revive old connections as well as develop new contacts. Reduce your property loans otherwise you may see a financial crunch. Lucky Color: Lavender, Lucky Number: 3 

Capricorn: (Dec 22- Jan 21) Romancing with your beloved would keep you in a jovial & cheerful mood overall. Avoid excessive workout today, as there are chances of a muscle pull or a back ache. Lucky Color: Mustard, Lucky Number: 10 

Aquarius: (Jan 22- Feb 19) Travelling overseas would spark your career growth with a better financial repute. If you want to invest in property, then go for residential one. Those who celebrate their birthday today will cherish a number of surprises from friends and folks. Lucky Color: White, Lucky Number: 6 

Pisces: (Feb 20- Mar 20) You are likely to raise capital through collecting outstanding debts or reaping previous investments. Work load may ask you to put your romantic aspirations aside temporarily. Lucky Color: Purple, Lucky Number: 21



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