I find the continuous public comments by acting president Joyce Banda on the infamous plundering and looting of public resources at the Capital Hill very unfortunate considering the magnitude of the issue and its aftermath.

As the head of the executive branch of the Malawi government, the president receives a disproportionate amount of attention, and I’m sure she is aware of this undisputable fact.

On Saturday, President Joyce Banda told a gathering in NkhataBay that she was going to fight to prove her innocence in the plundering and looting of public resources with the boost of her husband, First Gentleman, retired Chief Justice Richard Banda.

Her sentiments were obviously directed to Ralph Kasamabara and his friends who have stood to their ground to have the president in the court as a witness in the infamous cashgate scandal.

It must be noted that Kasambara never said Joyce Banda was involved in cashgate; he basically asked the court to have president as witness in his case.

So, president’s unrelenting verbal attack on the suspects during rallies raises more questions than answers as to why the highest office holder is increasingly becoming unstable following the Kasambara’s request to have her in the witness dock.

I find the president’s remarks regrettable and a threat to the truth. Her continuous self acclaimed righteousness is a sign that the truth about cashgate is troubling her mind hence trying to suppress it.

She also said her administration will not leave the cashgate suspects alone till they get convicted and also face lengthy jail terms.

On this one, Madame President, you must know that there is no way Malawians can entrust your administration with the role to excavate the truth about Cashgate because it’s crystal clear that your administration and People’s Party (PP) are beyond reasonable doubt major beneficiaries of the cashgate scandal.

Madame President, you should wait for the court to prove your innocence not your husband. Richard Banda is not the only law expert in Malawi and Malawians will not allow to be manipulated by your remarks which are aimed at buying public sympathy.

If your Husband was indeed a law expert then he would be the first person to advise you not to comment on issues which are in the court, and also remind you that it’s only tangible evidence which will see the Cashgate suspects convicted not the wish of any individual.

Where was your husband when your Justice minister Fahad Assani was cheating Malawians that a green card holder could not be allowed to contest for presidency? In short, your husband is a human being and Malawians denied the rule of any human being that is why there is a constitution.

After presenting nomination papers for presidency, I would expect you madame president to concentrate on real issues which are to the benefit of the country unlike advancing your own interests.

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