LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi is said to be losing about 18 billion cubic litres of rain water through run-off amid water crisis, Maravi Post has learnt.

Out of 18 billion cubic litres of rain water only 95 million cubic litres is what the nation needs representing 0.5 percent.

The Rainwater Harvest Association of Malawi (RHAM)’s revelation also comes at the time the nation is into power outages whose sources in water in the Shire River which rain water harvest could be boast water levels.

With rain water harvest the nation could have benefited for various usages including winter cropping, domestic and industrial purposes.

Despite the country having torrential rains patterns, a good source for water harvesting, public is not fully conversant with the concept.

This is the reason RHAM is in the verge of rolling out national wide campaign in sensitizing the general public on viability of the concept.

In a panel discussion RHAM hosted with the media in the capital Lilongwe on Friday, it was revealed that the nation has not invested much on infrastructure to support the initiative since 2003.

Despite having policies designed to support rainwater harvest, government has not done much to invigorate its mandate to realize benefits.

Macpherson Nthara, RHAM Chairperson expressed sadness over attitude the public view rainwater harvest initiative saying sensitization much needed to change the scope.

Nthara observed that some African countries including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have invested much in infrastructure development for rainwater harvest.

He however worried with the pace government was advancing on the initiative due to little resources allocated towards the sector.

Nthara disclosed that the association will partner with a number of stakeholders including government agencies, communities and the media for a massive movement to see water harvesting is being embraced at all levels.

The chairperson therefore called government and development partners to seriously invest in rainwater harvest if the nation is to address water, food crisis and power outages as Malawi is a rain fed agriculture.

“Rainwater harvest is a viable alternative to current sources of water that continues to dwindle due to population and climate change. Rainwater collected using existing structures; rooftops, parking lots, playgrounds, parks, ponds, flood plains, have few negative environmental impacts compared to other technologies for water resources development.

“We are into a campaign aimed at changing the mindset of individuals, institutions and communities from looking at rainwater as a nuisance that has to be drained away to taking water as an opportunity for increased water supply and environmental sustainability,” assures Nthara.

Association of Environmental Journalist in Malawi (AEJ) Secretary General (SG), Charles Mkoka lauded RHAM for its quest to partner with the media to upscale the water harvest campaign to the masses.

SG Mkoka assured the association of the media commitment in advancing the initiative for the country’s environmental sustainability.

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