Electricity Supply Cooperation of Malawi (ESCOM) customers have hailed the institution for reduced power-cuts for the past few months since the rehabilitation of Kapichila Hydro Power Station.

In a random interview conducted by Malawi News Agency (Mana) ESCOM customers in Lilongwe, expressed their satisfaction with the power supply they have all day.

Ida Bwanali a daily product business lady said she has quality foods all the time as she keeps them refrigerated without worrying about unpredictable power supply.

“I make sausages and supply chickens parts which are always in good conditions, the products don’t go bad as they are refrigerated with the 24 hours power supply,” said Bwanali.

She said that in the past the same business was difficult to do as the products were going bad with the regular power-cuts the country was experiencing.

Another business man who owns a welding shop said his job has been simplified with the improved blackouts saying that his production has improved.

“I now produce more burger bars, door frames, gates and many more as work since I have all the power supply and knocking off in good time since we finish the production in good time,” explained Kesten Maliwo.

He commended ESCOM for improvement saying that business people have now the opportunity to be producing more than before.

Some people said investors would also be encouraged to open up their business in the country since there would be less power interruption in their businesses.

Residents have also commended the institution for providing them with power 24 hours saying that they are able to preserve food products in their refrigerators without problems.

They also said this would help in tree conservation as people are using more of electricity in their household than charcoal.

“We were buying charcoal for cooking, but now we are using electricity and we don’t need charcoal all the time unless we are cooking foods that take long to be cooked,” they said.

Efforts to get comments to ESCOM Public Relations Officers proved futile as they were not responding to a questionnaire.

In the past years the country has been experiencing regular power interruptions, a situation that has been history since December 2013.

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