LILONGWE (MANA) —  Chances are, whenever one would hear of one Martse is to release a new song, it would not just be a brand new release but rather the song that would bring some classic and probably forgotten song back to life.

It started with the song that brought him onto the limelight; Go deeper. In the song, Martse real name Martin Nkhata cleverly sampled out the bass guitar from Culture’s classic song titled I Tried into his rap song.

This venture was something that is up to now not popular amongst urban music circles and to put it in a simple expression; a try and error venture.

“Honestly, I was updating my facebook statuses and tweets that I will release a song called Go deeper before I had even made that instrumental. I was really expecting the song to be a success but the level of success it attained even amazed me,” said Martse in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana).

However, the success the song attained led to yet another classic fusion that was experienced with his subsequent song Pin Ya Blackberry.

In the song, young talented Lilongwe based rapper took on board some instrumentation from another song from way back Home Boy which went on to be a hit darling amongst urban music fanatics.

This meant Martse now had two urban hits which both had a fusion of music from outside Malawi.

Home is best, as one would say. It was time to track down one popular hit from Malawi to be part of Martse’s newly found adventure.

Mwapindulanji by Billy Kaunda from way back was the Jackpot when he recently released another song based on the same strategy also titled Mwapindulanji through Freshmans Records recorded by Martse, Madela and AK.

 In the track, Martse seemingly goes deeper into his own unique kind of music which might have captivated success from his previous successful mixed songs. His unique music has recently put Martse amongst artists to watch out in Malawi’s’ urban music industry and Martse disclosed to Mana of his motivation behind his music.

“Well it is the music I grew up listening to and I actually wish I did the songs with the guys but since I was not around by then, I had to make sure I try to do them again the Malawian way.”

The artist, who is also founder and audio producer at the Freshman records, however said there is only one humble secret to the success he is currently enjoying.

“Well I grew up in a Christian household and my mom told me to ask for everything in Jesus name so these “hits” you say are just answers from God. It is just something he gave me and I am thankful for that.

“I cannot promise you about the future but I know it will be better because I feel like my music is God’s plan that whatever new wisdom he graces me with, I will be on it. That is all I know,” said Martse who has equally other great tracks like Grace Chi, Wandilira and Ndalama.

However, the artist said he has high hopes of releasing an album: “But I need to blend this with my school schedule. But for now I had to drop Mwapindulanji so that people should have a picture of how my album which I hope will be done by November will be like. And by the way look out for Mwapindulanji video,” he said.

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