It all begins with who is on the top. We need a CEO for Malawi Inc. ready to appoint a Chief Secretary who will be ready to question the appointing authorities’ excesses of power without fearing the longevity of their contracts. 

We need occupants of State House willing to implement unpopular policies for the greater national good of the country even if they cost them their jobs at the next elections. 


The bottom line is we need transformational leaders who will be there to serve, and not be served. 

It is en sync to demand names of those involved in this current cashgate imbroglio. But I guess, as a nation, we should be occupying ourselves with ways to avoid a repeat of the same.

 We do not have to invent the wheel to achieve this. We already have measures in place only that we choose to ignore them. Look, it beggars belief how an officer in a ministry can raise a voucher, authorise it himself and go on to take it to a bank where nobody asks relevant questions. 

For instance, if someone asked relevant questions we would not be having a ministry ordering buses nobody wishes to claim.


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