Malawi Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda

By Joshua Chisa Mbele

Dear Richard Chimwendo Banda,

I specifically refer to your Circular in which you are ordering all refugees resident in Malawi to return to the designated places of quarantine such as Dzaleka.

They are further ordered to conduct any economic activities, trade, in those places.

Let me go straight to the point:

I’m honestly ashamed that my government can issue such an inhumane order.

Asylum Status is not a luxury. You don’t leave your country and seek refuge in another country simply because you have quarreled with your spouse.

I find this circular so distressing. Malawi is a free and democratic country. It belongs to all those who live in it. Malawi can’t quarantine innocent women and children behind a barbed wire.

Please rescind such a decision

If any at all, please release all refugees and integrate them into the communities.

Open Dzaleka as a prison starting with MK6.2 billion thieves.

Ndawala pa Town…Ine Ndwiiii.

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