LILONGWE (MaraviPost)—In 2012, the man of God, Prophet Austin Liabunya, took to his facebook page, posting a prophecy on the nation Malawi about the 2014 elections. Though the prophecy was in parables but the message was clear that Peter Mutharika, brother to late president Bingu Wa Mutharika, was to emerge the winner of the 2014 elections.

“According to the vision, 2014 elections will be the worst of all elections happened in Malawi because I saw something like counting again, like re-elections because 3 political parties will clash claiming each of them has won and this will be dangerous resulting in others loosing lives,” in part read the  prophecy as released in 2012.

But who will win the election? The Man of God submitted: “After battles of recounting, I saw a face, but this one has just changed his denomination for political reasons, the party was once in power and it’s coming again but with struggles but this will only change things for a year but then, he will promote the worship of Satan.”

According to this prophecy, everything which the man of God prophesied has come to pass right in our own eyes, for the glory of God—off course, except one thing, that Mutharika “will promote the worship of Satan.”

In a Skype interview on Tuesday from South Africa where the Prophet is currently ministering the word of God, this reporter quizzed him on whether this sad part of the Prophecy can be prevented from coming to pass. In his response, Liabunya said it is possible to prevent this part of the Prophecy from coming to pass.

“This will depend on people who will be advising Mutharika on religious affairs. They have to advise him truthfully rather than hero-worshipping him,” said Liabunya adding that “if not, then this prophecy will come to pass.”

Asked if what he said meant an indirect way of trying to persuade Mutharika to appoint him as his religious affairs advisor, Liabunya parried–off this line of thinking and categorically stated that he is not looking for the position as it can affect his ministry to move from place to place to hold crusades.

“I don’t mean to become his official advisor but on some matters I should be consulted to hear what God is saying on that matter. And it’s important that the president will take into action everything the Prophet told him before he became president so that we don’t see him repeating the same mistakes others have done,” said Liabunya.

MaraPost reported that prior to the hotly contested 2014 tripartite elections; Mutharika met the Prophet where he told him seven issues God wanted Mutharika to know as a condition for his presidency. The Man of God told this reporter that Mutharika agreed to every issue he was told otherwise, Liabunya had indicated that Mutharika was to lose if he had refused to meet him.

On similar note, the Man of God also disclosed to this reporter that he will soon release another Prophecy about things which will happen in Malawi for the next 10 years.


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