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The distressing Malawi road to May 20

I can’t believe this road was constructed five years ago. The road is full of potholes, it is in a mess.  Was this road constructed to last decades or the contractors were just interested in getting the money, use it and go? I am sure not.

The intention of the village leadership to construct this road was to ensure people have access to so many things that are of great importance to their lives. The leadership sought support from cooperating partners to provide funding for the construction of this road, some of them came from the villagers themselves.

So much money was spent to pay for allowances to those who did preliminary surveys, draftsmen as well as foreign partners who contributed handsomely towards the construction of this road.

People of Malawi village were so excited upon hearing that their village was to have a tarmac road. That brought so many expectations because that meant easy movement by people between the neighbouring villages.  Again their living standard was also to improve because the road would also provide conducive environment for businesses. Transporting and selling of farm produce would be easy.  That would mean lives of Malawi villagers transforming from poverty to prosperity.

The contractors made sure that the road had all the necessary signs so that the road users are made aware of where to give way to other motorists.  Signposts were put in place where schools and busy places such as market centers are nearby the road.  These were measures to ensure no accidents are taking place and all people are able to ply their trade freely and peacefully.

Five years down the line, the people in Malawi village have started showing signs of carelessness.  Some of the road signs are being removed; others are deliberately digging potholes as if they don’t remember how excited they were when this road was being constructed.   What is happening to the people of Malawi village? You mean you no longer take pride in your road development? The intentions behind the barbaric act are quite unacceptable. The road signs have now been turned into materials for making holes, basins and pails.

The road is being dug to trace nests of mice (mbewa) Sure? No! People of Malawi village, No! What has come over you?  By destroying this road, you are killing the future of your children and grandchildren. Unfortunately you don’t seem to care. Why?

Because of the bad condition of the road, people are getting killed by cruising cars because they can’t see the signs anymore. 

The potholes on the other hand are fueling the accidents because the drivers try to avoid the potholes and in the process they end up hitting people. Malawi villagers have waged war against themselves. What will happen in the end? Who is going to win in the end?

Each and every Malawian knew way before that on May 20, 2014; we will be going to the polls to elect our leaders. I mean, President of this country, Members of Parliament as well as Councilors. Is this not worth participating my fellow Malawians?

My question is what has come over our democracy? Can’t we be proud of it? Come on Malawians! This is the time to show our friends in other countries that we are mature enough to look after ourselves. Let us discourage the malpractice of disabling our democracy by drilling holes to it.  We are like in a boat, if the boat sinks, chances are high that every passenger will also sink. Malawi belongs to every bonafide citizen of this country. Peace and tranquility need to prevail in this country. Our hard earned democracy needs to be safeguarded.

What belongs to party A also belongs to party B as long as you are a Malawian. Do we want to wake up one morning and find our country gone? Do we want to throw this country to the dogs?  We don’t have another Malawi, our Malawi is only one and it is only found here in Malawi. Why do we want to kill the very same people we want to rule? Imagine if you kill all of them where do you think you will find people befitting these nice faces of Malawians we have now? No! let us think twice and start behaving like real Malawians.

Every Malawian has the right to go anywhere to campaign and convince people to vote for them. Not by applying force but by preaching to them what is good for their wellbeing. For sure if you do that, Malawians will come running to grab you, stay with you and celebrate with you. We need to engage a diversity of opinion. Malawians need to come in unison so that together we hoist our flag high for our own benefit.

Violence has no business in our democracy especially when we are about to reach our destination, May 20. We want issue based campaigns not throwing pangas at us, no live bullets no! These potholes need to be covered and signposts re-instated so that we bring back the real meaning of our journey to May 20.

This road to May 20 needs not to be drilled holes; in fact we should safeguard it so that come this very important day, Malawians shall hold hands together to celebrate our victory as a nation. No more pothole drilling, no signpost removals because they don’t fit well with our culture and tradition. Remember we are the “Warm Heart of Africa”.

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