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The Malawian concerned Citizens address to candidates Part II



The Country is Becoming Law-less Under-mining the Nation’s Portrayal as ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’:

Basic & Essential Agendas & Concerns 

  1. Enormous killings of citizens in the streets & respective communities; on the other hand, in several cases, the Malawian citizens have taken matters into their own hands therefore underestimating the rule of law & governance which conduce either luck of discipline in the citizens & those residing in the nation or insufficient law & order
  2. Massive defections of Political officials & parliamentarians back & forth from one party flow to another without basis & practicing Masanje politics diminishing their political standpoint & undermining their image as public figures to the citizens they supposedly elected to serve
  3. Obsessive usage of profanity in the public arena & in congressional sessions during political commentaries & private engagements to tarnish the image of those across party lines
  4. Absence of or insufficient accountability in elected officials erupting into various forms of corruption at Senior government officials, Junior level counterparts & Civic colleague (Civil Servants) & luck of policies that foster transparency in governance, public & private assert management in elected officials & civil servants
  5. Epidemic registration of Political Parties whose agendas & political standpoint underestimates the basic needs & mental capability of Malawian Citizens, political, social, academic, religious & economic status of the Nation at large & especially when it comes to the time for democratic elections, majority of such parties merges with respective major political parties in showing support as opposed to standing as independent entities with differing policies which questions the legitimacy of political entities with such calibers and motives in acquiring their establishments as independent political parties
  6. Appointments of individuals without merit in public & private posts either by withholding democratic elections or apparently favorable positioning of personnel without basic qualifications or lucking standards: This includes posts of influence within the nation & abroad



 Major & Essential Agendas & Concerns:

  1. The Border Dispute on Lake Malawi: How will you & the proposed administration tackle the ongoing border disputes raised by The Republic of Tanzania on The Republic of Malawi. How will you & the proposed administration engage those across party lines to resolve & cease the matter once & for all with the neighbouring Republic of Tanzania while retaining the serenity that has persisted between the two nations ever since both countries gained independence from the colonial powers in the 1960s (19th century)
  2. The Donor Dependency & Economic Development: What are you & the proposed administration planning to do in minimizing donor dependency for an incomparable economic development & foster an enduring fiscal resurgence processes. What appropriate measures will you & the proposed administration implement to improve the social & economic status of the nation & its citizens while improving the expansion of exporting commodities and diminishing the importing of goods that can by far either be produced or manufactured in the country. During the late 80s & early 90s, Malawi was introduced to the ‘Best Buy Malawian’ (BBM) logo during the Ngwazi, Dr. Kamuzu Banda and the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) administration. The inventiveness escalated into massive improvements of commodities produced & manufactured in Malawi while strengthening the Malawian Kwacha to the point that in 1992 the exchange rate of the Malawian Kwacha to American Dollar was K1 to $2 and later sky rocketed after the Referendum in 1994 during Multi Party System where by the exchange rate initially became K1 to $5, then increased to $7 and then jumped into $10, $15, $20, $25 as time passed by and now over $400 two decades later during successive administrations. What do you think caused such an abrupt modification that redundantly poured into an economic meltdown to the point that most previously long running companies that were established either before or after independence that benefited during the BBM era found themselves downsizing, privatizing & at times completely closing down. Most of all, increased pricing of everyday common goods surfaced in the entire nation for the Malawi consumer whose average cost of living sky rocketed whereas the earnings remained at a standard level. Such companies are the likes of Lever Brothers, Mulanje Peak, David Whitehead & Sons, Bata Shoe Company, Universal Biscuits, Malawi Milk Marketing (MMM), Limbe Leaf Tobacco, Press Produce, Shoe Rubber, etc. What would you and the proposed administration situate to encourage stabilization of the Kwacha Currency against most favorable foreign currencies in avoidance of these types of calamity that has heavily affected trade & industry, the financial status of the country & the livelihood of ordinary citizens who depends on these manufactured products and produce for everyday survival
  3. Academic Shortfalls & Advancement: How will you & the proposed administration raise the standard of the primary, secondary & tertiary education & hold these institutions accountable in their failures or reward incentives for accomplishments in providing the best academic environment for the pupils & students in institutions of higher learning and at primary & secondary levels. What is your intake in massive closings of respective academic institutions both governmental & private entities: How will you minimize & change the status that has captivated the Malawian media & hold The Malawian educational system captive of its own mercenaries. What measures will be implemented to resolve the malice of such barren tactics & the predicament of enormous academic institutions without accreditation
  4. Foreign & Local Investors & Local Patrons: What policies will you & the proposed administration execute to attract conducive Foreign & Local Investors that will lender support in improving the social, economic & academic status of the Malawian citizens & residents inclusive of infrastructures in the nation as a whole, the proper continual maintenance of such developments and further continuity of current and future initiatives without neither interruption nor ceasing projects that are beneficial to the nation especially commonly observed in cases where the initial initiatives were administered by an administration of cross party lines
  5. Recreational Development & Agricultural Scheme: What recreational developments will you & the proposed administration articulate to progress current structures & attract foreign & local investments coupled with intense tourism that will exert a lucrative potential towards the country. What basic & advanced measures will you & the proposed administration advocate for to attain enhanced & competitive Agricultural practices at the world markets. The Tobacco industry worldwide has decreased the buying value of raw materials (Tobacco Leaf) and yet have increased the marketing cost of the finished product (Cigarettes) as a resultant to the health concerns and a worldwide campaign to stop smoking Nicotine for the extreme addictive nature to smokers & non-smokers alike whom risk developing cancerous cells that causes cancer, a chronic disease that has threatened and taken many people’s lives. However, Tobacco remains the number one export commodity in Malawi which brings in approximately over 60% in revenue to the country’s economy together with all agricultural produce besides being the major export for Malawi. Tobacco Farmers in Malawi have suffered tremendously over time as a resultant of this sudden change to the produce that has profoundly maintained the livelihood of emerging local growers and affecting the economic status of the mercantile. What will you and the proposed administration either deter or endorse the superlative technique that would not compromise the advancement of either seasoned gurus or puerile domicile agents either presently or impending to emerge in the industry without drastically affecting their former, current & future endeavors whether in the industry or supplementary avenues
  6. Office of Diaspora Region & Foreign Affairs: The Office of Diaspora has been formulated & launched by The Current President of The Republic of Malawi, Her Excellency, Madam Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda: From your stand point together with the proposed administration, how will your office of President & Cabinet & the proposed administration advance the initiative of the Office of Diaspora region & draft a proficient & efficient approach to the targeted audience that would grant mutual benefit with the Malawian counterparts residing in Malawi. How will you & the proposed administration guarantee that the Malawian Embassy Offices & Personnel conducts business in a manner where Malawi is efficiently represented in conducive to Malawians within the Diaspora Region & those residing back home in Malawi.
  7. Dual Citizenship: Dual citizenship has been one of the foremost agenda on Malawians residing in the Diaspora Region. There is an assumption that Dual Citizenship could either be of reciprocal benefit to those abroad & Malawians living back home or absolutely detrimental to the nation; What would you & the proposed administration ingest on such a topic & approach a suitable development in attainment to a resolution on the subject matter
  8. Unemployment Dilemma: How will you & the proposed administration amend the nation’s growing unemployment rate that is presently escalating appallingly & rapidly and foster a new era to the nation’s over growing youth populace whom either leave or finish the primary & secondary educational systems but cease to proceed for tertiary studies & those graduating from institutions of higher learning and an enormous middle aged group from all walks of life
  9. The Healthcare System & Hospital Shortages: What will be the preeminent approach from you and the proposed administration to the healthcare predicament in Malawi which as compared to other nations across the globe have been ranking at an inappropriately stumpy phase for the ordinary Malawian citizenry even with an overflowing presence of pharmaceutical companies manufacturing drugs that could be dispensed within the nation and yet, are improperly exploited as feasible suppliers of drugs to the country’s healthcare crisis in various circumstances for the majority of the healthcare amenities whereby patients are dying at an alarming rate from incredibly frequently preventable diseases. What will be a suitable approach from you and the proposed administration in the case of an overwhelmingly rising capacity of healthcare clinics with incompetence of administering an enormous quantity of outpatients & acute critical care patients, the scarcity of exceptional maximum service hospitals in all Malawian Districts & most of all, adequate facilities
  10. Boarder Security & Human Trafficking: There has been a devastatingly increased smuggling of foreigners into the country and an epidemic human trafficking of Malawian citizens across all major borders in all corners of the Southern, Central & Northern Regions of the country which literally threatens the overall homeland security in the nation, the populace & the wellbeing of our foreign counterparts and neighboring nations. The porous boarders apparently conduces a high volume of drug smuggling & cartels, an elevated illegitimate trade of commodities & precious rare excavated goods as natural & mineral resources without proper tariff which bounds to be even more costly to the nation’s progress and development. What will be the most appropriate and conscience measure that you and the proposed administration will considerably anchor to either possibly diminish or intensively cease once & for all the permeability of the entire bordering system for an utmost security of the nation at large and our neighboring countries with integrity and dignity in avoidance of violating human rights


  1. Essential Agendas With National Interest & Concerns:


  1. The Youth Coalition & Sports:


  1. The Malawi National Football Team (Flames) & The Malawi National Netball Team (Queens), their respective technical panels & administrative officials have been obviously underfunded & partially supported by the governing bodies to fully exercise their potential & expertise in the trade. This matter comprises of various facilities & equipment employed for an even more successful competency at an international level and yet are expected to perform beyond their aptitude given less than enough training time & resources
  2. Sports is a form of art that could be incredibly beneficial to the youth & an exceptionally lucrative industry if efficiently capitalized & fully furnished by either the incumbent officials or corporate & private sponsors
  3. Employment formation for the youth is essential to empower them with expertise in various arenas that would create occupations for the young populace as leaders of tomorrow & the future of the nation who will be influential in shaping the nation & carrying out the state affairs for the country’s impending progression
  4. What would you & the proposed administration do to make certain that the Malawians & especially the youth optimize the trades into a complete advantage for mutual benefit to the sponsors, the government, the entire crew members & the country with more appealing incentives whereas ensuring imparting leadership proficiency in the young people for diverse avenues
  5. The Quota System Policies in University Selection: The Quota System policies have deprived many young men & women from exercising their potential in life & the system aught to be amended to increase competency in the schools of higher learning & encourage the youth from pursuing their life long dreams & aspirations                 

What would your government & the proposed administration do to modify the Quota System that has presently been situated & deprived a myriad promising adolescent Malawians from pursuing their studies in the Malawian Government academia & reinstate either the formerly or more decent system that would persuade the young Malawians from attaining a more suitable future for besides they are the future of the nation & potential leaders of tomorrow whom once invested vigilantly could contribute & further become an assert to a rather defining moment of the Malawian society & may be the political, social, economic, spiritual or academic structure of the continent of Africa in the new millennium


Jumani Kamuzu Banda paternal Case & His Excellency, Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda Will:

The Case of Juman Kamuzu Banda is of National interest for Malawian Citizenry as a child whom Malawians in Malawi & the Diaspora Region assess from all physical evidence seem to depict him as an official heir of the Father & Founder of the Malawian Nation & First President of the Republic of Malawi, His Excellency, Ngwazi Dr. Kamuzu Banda

The Case of a missing Will of The Father & Founder of The Malawi Nation is absurd & despicable to the Nation at large in a World stand point & The Government aught to do something to minimize such obnoxious stance

 What would you & the proposed administration do to have a final resolution to these subject matters that should have never been ignored & foster a DNA testing so as to come into conclusion of the status quo without forgetting impending case of the official will which should have been resolved far way back after the encounter occurred which is terrifically unfortunate & should have never lingered


The Madonna Case & Ministry of Education:

The Minister of Education, Honorable Eunice Kazembe came to the Media to denounce Madonna’s Raising Malawi Organization from claiming that they have teamed up with BuildOn to Build ten (10) primary schools after abandoning the original project where there were misappropriation of funds by the Malawian superiors that were in charge of orchestrating the prominent project & suing the singer in return which seems very unfortunate & unwelcoming for those whom would assure fostering development & encouraging pursuits to the economic, social & academic development in the country

What would your government & the proposed administration do to petition a new encouraging message to those whom see the encounter as a setback to their developmental engagements in Malawi & endowments of necessities to the nation


Excessive Presidential Motorcade & Extreme Traveling of The Number One Citizen:

The country has experienced an enormous economic meltdown from the devaluation of the country currency which has affected the nation’s financial treasuries, yet the number one citizen & the current administration and other previous administrations ever since the Referendum & Democratic governance have amassed tax payers capital in excessive traveling abroad & within the country even under circumstances where the project or engagement could be carried out by either our Malawian Foreign Representatives, Diplomats, Malawian Dignitaries or further Public Officials

What would you & the proposed administration do to minimize such excessive roving creating an enormous deficit in the economic governance & business of the nation & depicting a burden in the governmental essential financial reservoirs


 Systematic Electoral Organization to Administer All Major Malawian Elections:

Malawian Democratic elections are a source of pride to the nation & a milestone achievement of essence to the Malawian citizen given the uncertainties of Democracy in various African countries & most parts of the world at large, therefore should be very much respected by the governing body in the nation & should be absolutely free of redundant interference from any political entity & selfish intrusions of all sorts

How would you & the proposed administration ensure that the laws & rules of engagements in the electoral commission organization are being esteemed


 Power Shortages by The Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM):

Power shortages & mismanagement of the main supplier of electricity in the nation, The Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi (ESCOM) is disheartening. The persistence of unprecedented occurrence of unwarranted scarcity of electricity supply in the country is agonizing and repulsive to every nature of investment that would endorse national development & universal progress for the country to be consistently competitive in the global market. There aught to be a practicable resolution to these sorts of negligence

What will you & the proposed administration embark upon in this dilemma to attract foreign benefactor & local patrons & shareholders


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) & Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs):

Non-governmental organizations & non-profit organizations accumulate thousands & millions of monetary donations from the society in good fortitude to assist in the various services & products the respective organizations convey to their relevant audience & have meticulously impacted our communities tremendously in a variety of ways. However, there are numerous human exploitations such as, abuse of power, corruption, racketeering & money laundering, just to name a few, in the name of providing good will services & merchandise that emerge apparently due to inadequate government monitoring & unaccountability practices of these associations & absence of independent auditing entities for such institutions

What standards will your government & the proposed administration implement to restrain such reprehensible practices in avoiding abuse of resources & probably eliminate all together these establishments from taking advantage of the situation & the most vulnerable individuals those whom supposedly benefit from the particular services


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