Ok, we were afraid of tackling the nitty-gritty in these elections to avoid being caught out in this 48-hour rule.

So let us play it safe by looking at possible dynamics in Parliament.

Imagine Patricia Kaliati in Mulanje and Jessie Kabwila in Salima win these elections. What a Parliament it will be! Two women of varying backgrounds but both endowed with an acerbic tongue.

And will Lucius Banda be back with his red ‘Kanda Bongoman’ suits?

There will be a lot of interesting faces in this Parliament. But I am interested in who will be Leader of Opposition. If truth be told this will be a hung Parliament for I guess whoever wins will not have enough MPs to manoeuvre in the august House smoothly.

Granted, like flying ants to an electric bulb, independents will flock to the winning side. But, still, I envisage inevitable post-election alliances. Remember the Chihana-Muluzi ‘sticky issues’ talk?

But will the Leader of Opposition be as decisive and divisive like John Tembo of old? Remember the section 65 versus Budget tussle?

And, yes, Section 65; will it work this time?

Whatever happens on the other side of Tuesday Malawi will still be there. So losers take heart, if age, health and resources are on your side you have some five years only to try again. As for the winners, the task of justifying why you deserved our vote starts now.

Good luck!

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