In this history of Malawi, the year 2011 is confirmed as the worst suffering moment for all Malawians since independence. We have analysed a sample of all years between 1964 the time Malawi became independent to present but the year 2011 under DPP autocratic leadership tops them all . The analysis takes note of other years governed by both former Presidents Kamuzu Banda and Bakili Muluzi but none of them are as worse as 2011 under DPP.

Here are the observations. In 2011 Malawians faced chronic shortages of fuel, no medicines in hospitals, government had no money to import essential resources to meet the needs of the population and in the middle of all these problems, a certain professor who happened to be the brother of Late President Bingu Wa Muntharika regularly used army helicopters to visit his boyfriends and girlfriends whenever he wanted, he had the luxury of flying in a helicopter from Blantyre to Zomba to spy on lectures and exert his power by creating the academic saga that created tensions in Malawi.

Malawians reached a point of life and death, they had to chose between sitting at home without demonstrating or go into the streets and protests against the harsh realities of life under the DPP regime, hundreds of thousands chose to wear red and protests against the increasingly dictatorial government. The result was deaths of civilian Malawians, killed and butchered with live bullets in broad day light. The result was the cruel abduction and murder of Robert Chasowa. The result was the suspension of Professor of Political Science Blessings Chinsinga from University of Malawi. The result was fear and terror gripping the land of Malawi, nobody was safe, even human rights activists Rafik Hajat, Mr Mwenifumbo and many beaten blood oozing soiling their clothes with no reasons apart from trying to defend the people’s human rights.

The result was the death of a young boy in Lilongwe beaten and bleeding to death by DPP thugs. It was no longer a country of peace you had known. Malawi became a country where majority of citizens wished they had courage like Egyptians to overthrow the tyrannical government. In the USA , in the UK and all Western governments had cut off ties with the DPP Government for the most atrocious crimes against humanity since the history of democracy.

Anarchy took its toll to the extent of learned politician with a Phd Dr Chaponda introduced a bill NO MORE FARTING IN PUBLIC IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE AGAINST GOVERNMENT, without a fair consideration most Malawians eat beans which lead to the person losing control breaking the wind.

Besides these , Malawians heard threats from late Bingu wa Muntharika, “you will hear from me soon, I will smoke you out wherever you are !” and police were given orders SHOOT TO KILL. The situation became out of control that five civil rights activists went into hiding but even when they came out of hiding they found their houses had bern torched, their wives and sisters undressed by DPP thugs for wearing mini skirts. The protests were designed to curb Mutharika’s increasingly dictatorial tendencies, to remind the president that he was the merely the instrument of the people to promote peace and dialogue which he miserably failed.

But on 5th April 2912 the winds of change descended on Malawi as President Bingu Wa Muntharika collapsed in the presence of a female member of parliament. But due to lack of medicines in hospitals under DPP government, when the president was rushed to the hospital in Lilongwe, the hospital had run out of adrenaline and epinephrine. These are essential drugs used for resuscitation of patients who suffer a cardiac arrest. These drugs are usually pumped into the heart muscles of the patient to monitor and confirm the flow of neuro-electronic impulses. It took about an hour to replenish supply of these essential drugs from another medical facility by which time the president allegedly had given up.

Since current Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda took over the mantle of leadership there had been no shortages of fuel supply and no shortages of forex for the government to import essential services. Now approaching election it is time to remember the sins and evils of DPP, the country suffered the worst economy in its history since independence as you can see in the video clips below.

Malawians beware of a wolf posing as a lamb, DPP is the same, they are a party of doom and anarchy but the nation is blessed with an honest, genuinely democratic president who will not smoke you out, who fought hard and continues to fight hard for the people’s rights and freedom, Dr Joyce Banda, you are in safe hands!

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