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Why Malawians must never vote for DPP again

First, when talking of DPP there is an old saying that, “after kissing the devil, always count your teeth.” In the history of Malawi former president Bingu Wa Muntharika died on 5th April 2012 and the funeral of a very important man was hidden as a top secret from all Malawians and if you recall the events on 6th April 2012, you will remember then Information Minister Patricia Kaliatii told the nation in categorical terms that she had just spoken to President Bingu Wa Muntharika and that he was okay. This is the extent to which people can lie.

The Mid Night Six comprising then minister of Information Patricia Kaliati, minister of Health Kalirani, minister of Local Government Henry Mussa, deputy minister of Foreign Affairs Kondwani Nankhumwa, minister of Sports Symon Vuwa Kaunda and deputy minister in the OPC Nicholas Dausi, called for a news conference at around 9.10pm the same Friday April 6 while hiding the secret deceased President Bingu Wa Muntharika was flown to South Africa as Daniel Phiri

Our simple pieces of advice to Malawians is to beware of DPP, don’t be fooled for the second time as DPP will remain a party of blood and danger to ordinary citizens , they believe in malice and deceit to propel their motives forward no wonder they manufacture statements to make you confused as to what exactly is happening. If they lied about the funeral of Bingu Wa Mutharika do you think they cannot lie again? Do you think they can fail to lie that Peter Muntharika is in good health while it is confirmed he had been admitted for a month in America amid sorting out his American citizenship? To DPP, politics means lying through your teeth but this is not what you need in a civilised nation,

Secondly, Malawians must never forget that DPP government ordered police to murder the protesting citizens in broad day light as it happened on July 20, 2011 when 20 young men were ruthlessly gunned down by those who were supposed to protect them and, yet, their only crime was to protest against bad governance. Afterwards they bought beer and danced with thugs while everyone was mourning. The deceased were later on labelled as “thieves” in attempt to mask the atrocious crimes against humanity, only a foolish person can trust such a party to lead the nation again.

Thirdly, DPP wrecked your economy, their business was to lie to all citizens that the economy was greatly improving while they borrowed money from MRA and other banks to show off that the reserves were swelling, you heard for yourselves the confessions of then Minister of Finance Ken Lipenga on how they forged figures to fool you that the economy was doing well,these are the same people , lurking in darkness as the devil waiting for you to be convinced that they have changed, be careful Malawians. Pause and shake your head looking back, you will remember there was no fuel in this country, you will remember there was no petrol in this country, you will remember there was no relationship between Malawi and many countries who are supposed to be development partners and this is what you can think of DPP. You don’t need common sense to know this is a party of failures, crooks and liars to make you believe you will be alright while you know you suffered.

Fourthly , whether you are working or doing business you need freedom and peace of mind, you don’t need to be often called names just because you take a different view from a governing party. But DPP thugs including Patricia Kaliati who know nothing about leadership, dignity and respect have an experience of insulting people who were critical of then DPP government, even former leader of the party Bingu wa Mutharika called anybody with a different view, including donors, stupid. You don’t need such kind of government in this 21st century.

As for current DPP President Peter Muntharika, you all well know how heartless this man can be. Every citizen must surely be disheartened to learn that he bought four houses dubiously at a price of 3 million kwacha each, we are talking of houses which costs 100 million each. He has no common sense and kindest heart to consider what he did was broad day robbery, he has refused to return them to satisfy his greediness. Not only that, this is a man who took another hobby of flying in army helicopters at the exploit of being a brother of a president while Malawians were grounded with no fuel and no forex .

Now he is clinging to the USA citizenship like a baby holding on to a plastic dummy, he says he loves Malawi while his heart is in United States of America. He is not brave as a man can be to show his love by completely cutting himself off from American citizenship, this is how he wants to take Malawians for a ride. But surely if a truthful man loves you, he cannot say, “I will marry you but I will be spending some nights with another woman accross the road.” This is what Peter Muntharika is doing, he is clinging to USA citizenship but also trying to look like he loves Malawi for real.

Malawians beware! Just like he spied on lectures this is another dictator in the waiting, your life will be worse off and you may end up relocating to other African countries, but you can avoid this by not voting for DPP. You dont need to live in a country where radical university students who want to engage in politics would find their heads being butchered and thrown on a cold concrete in the manner it happened to one Robert Chasowa of the Polytechnic. You need freedom , peace, conscience and humanity , you need to be not called names, you need to be respected whether you are from north , central or south it doesn’t matter and you need leaders who will be honest with you whether things are good or bad, so far you have Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda, count yourself blessed, she will never pretend therefore do the right thing! see

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