JB had banked on God to win the elections. But what went wrong? Why did God –not even celebrity pastor TB Joshua—not come to her rescue?

It is an open secret that JB regarded Nigerian celebrity pastor TB Joshua as her “spiritual father.” On several occasions she left reputed CCAP clerics back home and flew to Nigeria to seek wisdom and prayers from the superstar “man of God” who is famed for prophesising future events.

I have yet to buy TB Joshua’s prophesy that a southern African leader—meaning Bingu wa Mutharika—was to die, or would not finish his term. Bingu was also noted for visiting TB Joshua.

They say God’s ways are not our ways. So, it seems perfect to say that God may not answer me why JB flopped the exams.

But it remains a puzzle to me as to what TB Joshua  told her about the elections. Did he tell her that she would only serve two years as president? Did TB tell her the truth? And what was that truth? Did he tell that she would win with a landslide?

Does this explain why JB was very confident of winning, including having bragging rights that it was God who wanted her to seek a fresh mandate from Malawians?

Why did she—of all presidential candidates—drag God into her campaign, intelligently quoting verse from the Bible as if she went to a theological college.

Her favourite line was that  “leaders are chosen by God.” In other words, this meant that she would be chosen by God—and not Malawians—to continue ruling the country.

She could confidently add, in rebuking her fellow racers, that : “If God has not chosen you as a leader, you will not become one.”

I once quoted her saying she was a “lucky person” because God gave her two years—2012 to 2014 – “to show my work…God has shown His mercy on me.”

In Mzuzu, the other day, the two-years president said she had hope that God had blessed her  and that it was His wish that she should seek a fresh mandate.

“God,” she said: “Gave me wisdom to take risks which become unpopular but benefit Malawians.”

Banda’s campaign song was that she had performed wonders in those two years and Malawians must remember that. She had restored rampant shortages of fuel and forex, and overturned bad laws enacted under Bingu.

She simply asked Malawians to do “stock and give me marks for my work in the last two years.  She thanked God for doing a fine job in two years.

JB must be asking herself: What’s wrong with Malawians? What happened to my God?

Or why did TB Joshua—my spiritual father—not tell me the truth?

These are questions between JB and her God. 

The other presidential candidates, including the winner Peter Mutharika– hardly talked about God in their campaigns, nor did they visit TB Joshua.


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