Will Bright Msaka be a panacea to Malawi’s quagmires?

Bright Msaka has expressed interest to contest as a DPP presidential candidate at 2023 elective convention. He is therefore likely to be DPP torchbearer for 2025 general elections.

  1. Personal life
    Bright Msaka was born in Zomba district from the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Kuntumanje on 4th October 1959 in a family of 8 children, three brothers and four sisters. How many sons were there altogether?

Bright Msaka became a widower in 2011 when his wife Primrose passed on leaving behind four children. Life must go on. To the salivating ladies, there is a vacancy here with a possibility of being the prestigious first lady.

  1. Educational background
    Bright Msaka holds LLB (Hons) from University of Malawi (UNIMA)-Chancellor College (1983), and Masters of Science (MSc) in Global Management from University of Salford in the United Kingdom(UK).

Bright did his secondary school education at Zomba Catholic Secondary School and his primary school education at Nkasaulo F. P. School in Machinga District.

  1. Legal practitioner
    Bright Msaka SC was admitted to practice as a lawyer in Malawi from 1983 and his areas of expertise are commercial litigation, personal injury liability claims, insurance claims, libel, civil and criminal litigation. He was then conferred the status of Senior Counsel (SC) in 2009.

Bright Msaka also worked as an academician as follows; Examiner, English Company Law for ACCA Accountants board (1987-1992); Examiner, Malawi Company Law for ACCA Accountants board (1992-1993); Lecturer in Law (Civil Procedure), University of Malawi, Chancellor College, Zomba (1993-1994).

  1. Diplomatic career
    Bright Msaka worked as a diplomat as follows: High Commissioner to Canada (1995- 1998); Malawi Delegate to the 6th Legal Committee of the United Nations (1995 & 1997); High Commissioner to the United Kingdom (1998 to 2003); Ambassador to Portugal ( 2000-2001); Ambassador to Sweden (2000-2003); Ambassador to Norway ( 2000 – 2003); Ambassador of to The Kingdom of Denmark ( 2002- 2003); Ambassador to Finland ( 2001- 2003); Ambassador to Iceland (2002- 2003); Presidential Special Envoy to various countries ( 1998- 2003).
  2. Civil servant
    Bright Msaka served in the Malawi government’s civil service as Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and Deputy Head of the Malawi Public Service ( 2004); and Chief Secretary to the Government, and Secretary to the President and Cabinet and Head of the Malawi Public Service (2004- 2013).
  3. Cabinet Minister
    Mr. Msaka was appointed to various ministerial positions as follows: Minister of Lands, Housing, Physical Planning, Surveys and Urban Development (2014 – 2015); Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining. Responsible for Mineral Resources, Energy, Environment, Conservation, Climate Change, National Parks, Wild Life, Forestry (2015 – 2017); Minister of Education, Science and Technology (2017-2019); Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs ( 2019 -2020).
  4. Other public appointments
    Bright Msaka served in the following capacities from 2004 to 2013: Chairman, Inter-Ministerial Committee on Human Rights and Democracy; Chairman, Democracy Consolidation Programme; Chairman, National Refugees Committee; Chairman, National Anti-Terrorism Committee; Chairman, Disaster Preparedness and Relief Committee; Chairman, National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA).
  5. Book author
    Bright Msaka is the author of a book titled, “The Modern Diplomat-A Beginners Handbook”.
  6. Researcher
    As a researcher and academician, Bright Msaka has published the following articles in various reputable journals: Cloning democracy. Malawi, (2002); Poor Galileo. The Role of the Church in Malawi Politics, Malawi, (2002); Democracy and Oxymorons. Malawi, (1999); Of Independent candidates and democracy. Malawi (1999); Justice with one eye open. Malawi (1998).
  7. Speaker and panelist
    Bright Msaka has been a guest of honor, part of the discussion panel and key note speaker at various public engagements such as “The Challenges of a New African Democracy, address to the Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council, London, (20th February 2003); “Malawi and Food Security”, address to the International Development Committee, Westminster, 16th ( 2002) and among many others.
  8. Other roles and activities
    Bright Msaka also served in various roles and activities such as Patron, Malawi Foundation, UK Charity, (1998-2002); Patron, Malawi International AIDS Network, (1998-2003); Member, Mwanza Accident Commission of Inquiry (1994); Member, The Rotary Club of Ottawa, (1995-1998); Delegate, International Bar Association, New York, (1990); Delegate, National Constitutional Conferences for Multiparty Democracy in Malawi, (1993-1994); Director, Royal Commonwealth Society, Ottawa Branch, (1997-1998).

Other roles include Malawi Representative to the Southern Africa Moot Court Competition, Lusaka, Zambia, (1983); School Representative, National Top of the Class Quiz Competition, (1977); School Prefect, Zomba Catholic Secondary School, (1977) ; Chairman, Students’ Christian Organisation of Malawi, (1977); Chairman, Young Christian Students’ Organisation, (1980).

  1. Current political status
    Bright Msaka is the current Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President for Eastern Region and a Member of Malawi Parliament for Machinga Likwenu Constituency since May 2019.
  2. Why Malawi’s future is bright with Bright Msaka?
    Bright Msaka SC comes with vast knowledge in running the government as evidenced by his career profile. He was the Secretary to the Office of the President and cabinet, and later he served in various ministerial portfolios.

In a globe village our country is operating, no nation can stand aloof. A seasoned diplomat like Bright Msaka has all it takes to cement cordial relationships with other nations for the betterment of this country. He is well exposed.

As a lawyer, Malawians are hopeful that Bright Msaka is the right person to bring sanity to the corrupt and biased judiciary. It is unfathomable why the judiciary is shielding corruption suspects through court orders while Chakwera preaches to us that he is fighting corruption.

Currently, Bright Msaka has no record of being involved in corrupt deals. When he announced his interest to run for DPP presidency, we expected partisan ACB to pounce on him with tramped up charges. Nay, up to now, there is nothing to that effect.

In 2025, Bright Msaka is the possible presidential candidate. Let us wait as the events unfold.

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