DPP  Statement

The Democratic Progressive Party-DPP has learnt with shock and dismay on reports that are being released or made which are pointing at the DPP as a party (former regime) that is directly connected to the recent looting of public coffers at Capital Hill in Lilongwe.

During the recent press conference held by the Chief Secretary and some senior government officials last week, it was insinuated that what is happening now is a breakthrough as the looting started during the last regimes and not know. Hon Lands Minister and Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs during the week were quoted highlighting on the same ‘the looting happening now started in the last regimes’. In today’s Nation Hon Kunkuyu is quoted to have said the system has been there since 2005 and that the audit will tell when the looting started.

The fact that the system started in 2005 does not mean that looting started in 2005! Without an audit how do you conclude or point a finger at the past regime? Furthermore, it must be noted that when the PP government took over power in April 2012, a number of senior government officials in the DPP government lost their jobs , these include; Mr Bright Msaka former Chief Secretary, Mr Mwananvekha former Secretary to Treasury, Mr Mukhito former Inspector General of Police and many others.

As it is a standard practice in any organization, handovers and if need be an audit has to be done before one takes office, we believe this was done. That being the case, why should it take almost 2 years for such malpractice to be exposed? As soon as they got into government they were so obsessed in arresting people even before investigations were done, we are so sure if this was the case people would have been arrested then.

We would like to urge the PP government to grow up and smell the coffee; they have to know that they are now running a government and not a charitable organization. Malawians are suffering, there are no medicines at the hospitals, maize is now at K8, 500.00, security has gone down, some medical Personnel, Teachers and others have not yet been paid whilst government’s money is being kept in people’s houses.

Malawians needs answers and it is the PP government that has answers to this.
We don’t care whatever they want to say as Malawians remain best judges on the matter. However our worry is on the PP government’s continued tendency of linking the DPP to any story they think is negative on their side. For example:

When Civil servants and students went on strike early this year they said it was Peter Mutharika and the DPP sponsoring them.

*When Maize rot in the silos it is Peter Mutharika and the DPP responsible.

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